Universal Type Server Makes Managing Fonts Easier, Teams Happier, And Designs Worth Talking About

Font Management, Any Way You Need It

We’ve empowered large teams with the UTS server-based solution for over two decades.

Now we’re harnessing the powerful, flexible, on-demand availability of data storage and computing power—the cloud—so fonts are centralized, searchable, and accessible in a way that’s predictable and secure for all members of any team, whether working together in an office, at home, or spread across the world.

Welcome to Connect Fonts Powered By Suitcase—the desktop and cloud-based platform suitable for current UTS customers.

Control Your Creative World

Whether it’s teams that need shared access to fonts globally or a company that needs to improve font compliance and spending, creative enterprises require a comprehensive font management solution that delivers consistent typography across assets while keeping everything locked down, but no one locked out.

We make the only software platform that does just that.

Connect Fonts is the desktop and cloud-based font management solution that successfully tackles workflow and compliance challenges for creative agencies, media, print, packaging, and publishing organizations as well as fashion, retail, and brand owners, so they can deliver—and achieve—lasting results.

We’ve Got Your Back

We continue to support UTS so existing customers meet their font management needs without interruption.

However, while auto-activation is essential in a font manager, we designed Connect Fonts so creative professionals can also quickly find, share, and use the perfect font every time, avoid interruptions, and achieve lasting, remarkable results.

From Saving Time To Sparking Inspiration,
These Are The Benefits Of Connect Fonts

Intuitive Search 💡

Search by style, mood, era, and more.

Font Pairing Recommendations 🍷🧀

Use a little AI to find the perfect match.


Work with the right fonts across creative apps.

Hassle-Free Font Sharing

Your whole team can access the necessary fonts, and you can share libraries with external teams working on joint projects.

Single Sign-On

Use just one set of login credentials to save time and secure data.

We’ll Do The Heavy Lifting

Existing customers can migrate Universal Type Server Data and their users to Connect Fonts without emailing invitations.

Let’s talk about how Connect Fonts gives you the control you need to manage your fonts
for consistency, security, and compliance across your entire corporate environment.


Connect Fonts

Flexible, Safe, And Secure Font Management