Creative Compliance In Your Pocket

Extensis Connect is part of a Creative Intelligence Suite that empowers teams to manage fonts and creative assets with reporting that helps maintain font license compliance, so creative operations run with less risk.    


Less Busywork, More Brilliant Work

Bye-bye junk drawer folder, hello beautiful creative process. Connect seamlessly supports teams using the Adobe Creative Cloud and other popular creative tools.

Creative asset management:

Logos, stock images, brand photos—stash all your creative imagery securely in the cloud with intelligent auto-tagging that makes finding what you need effortless.

Font management:

Our proprietary font recognition technology is the most accurate in the industry. Save your team time with spot-on auto-activation, font recommendations, and awesome Adobe compatibility.


Create libraries of fonts and creative assets to share with your team, ensuring everyone is using the same, correct creative elements.

Font license compliance:

Connect makes it easy to bundle licensing info with fonts thanks to reporting tools that help you keep an eagle eye on compliance.

How Does It Work?

Check out this quick, fun tour of font management in Extensis Connect.



The Risk Is Real

Even the best of the best can accidentally violate terms of use for fonts and other creative assets, because the unpleasant truth is that licensing is complicated.

It only takes one well-intentioned (but undereducated) team member to use an asset incorrectly. And mistakes are often missed because the meticulousness required for verification goes out the window under deadline.

Plus, oversimplified EULAs or fonts with the same name are often used interchangeably. Add long hours and high-speed pivots on every project, and you have an environment ripe for licensing misuse.

Our Creative Intelligence Suite puts you in control with greater oversight over how your font collection is used, empowering you to nip noncompliance in the bud.

Unite Your Team In Connect

"I definitely see the value in getting our 14 users on board with using this."

Nancy Casey, Director of Creative Services, Karsh Hagan Agency

It's Okay To Have Nice Things

If you’re one of those people who keeps fantastic mental notes of EULA info for all your fonts, you’ve got this covered. That shared spreadsheet with important licensing details… we’re not here to judge. You do you.


But to achieve scale, to de-pressurize creative operations, and to support complex teams (not to mention lighten their mental load), Connect does the trick.


It’s not so bad for your bottom line or reputation either.


Creative Work Is Complicated, And The More Contributors, Clients, Teams, And Projects Are Involved, The More Complicated It Gets!

Learn why creative asset management is crucial to ensure compliance and produce your best work at ye olde resource library.