Font Management Software for Creative Individuals Teams, and Organizations

From individual creatives to Fortune 500 organizations, our font management software supports diverse workflows involving font challenges of all types. At Extensis, we’ve lived and breathe fonts for decades and we’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of innovative companies like M&C Saatchi, The Onion, and more than 100,000 creative professionals globally, manage their fonts.

Accruing an extensive font collection is common for many creatives and organizations. On average, creative designers may collect as much as 4,500 fonts, and our customers have discovered the power of a font manager to improve their workflow and spark their creativity.

Knowing where the fonts you need are, and being able to access and use them seamlessly, becomes challenging when you have so many fonts at your fingertips. And when unmanaged, fonts can cause problems such as workstation slowdowns, over-spending, and even misuse. Font management can help ensure you get the right fonts in the right projects, every time.

Our Font Management Solutions

Whether you are an independent designer or part of a collaborative creative team, our font management software for both Mac and Windows allows you to manage all your fonts including your collections from Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts, and independent font foundries, from one application. Get your fonts when and where you need them through auto-activation plug-ins that syncs your fonts with industry-standard applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud.

Use the feature table below to identify the right solution for you or your team. Start managing your font collection with a font manager — an essential tool for creative professionals.

Designed for
who need to organize, find, view, and use their font collection
Designed for 1 (up to 2 devices)
Small Teams
who need to share fonts across the team
who need font compliance, font usage reporting, and centralized font distribution
Fonts Sharing
Cloud, between 2 machines
Cloud-based Extensis-hosted server
On-premise or off-premise installed server
Access to Support
Email / Chat / Phone / Live Screen Sharing
User Client Interface/Application*
Suitcase Fusion
Suitcase Fusion
Universal Type Client
Universal Core Client
Font auto-activation and font panels with plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud**
Fast, easy font previews
Centralized font storage and distribution
Cost per user
Contact Us
Billing (Annual Subscription Per User)




Just like any other piece of software, using your fonts in the wrong way can expose you and your company to unnecessary risks. Read our report, and learn what to watch out for when it comes to font licensing and compliance.