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Save Money with an Annual Service Agreement (ASA)

When you buy an Annual Service Agreement, you get free upgrades to all of your server & client purchases. The agreement is the equivalent of a significant cost saving when compared directly to the standard upgrade pricing. Contact us for agreement pricing details.

An Extensis ASA covers all server purchases and associated clients, as well as volume licenses. Upon purchase, you will receive an electronic document detailing the products and period of cover with links to our priority support contact information page for your region.

Our commitment to you:

Free Automatic Product Updates and Upgrades

You will receive automatic notices for FREE upgrades on all products covered under your ASA as soon as a new version is available. We will also keep your workflow on track by providing updates to keep your Extensis software compatible with industry-standard applications and operating systems.

Priority Technical Support

ASA customers get access to our Priority Technical Support teams around the world who specialize in corporate installations of Extensis software. We guarantee:

  • 24/7 availability via your priority support number
  • Email response within 1 business day for non-urgent issues
  • Multilingual support in English, German, and French

In order to provide a high level of Technical Support, Extensis expects that customers with an ASA remain current in regards to the version of the Extensis software they use. Extensis reserves the right to refuse ASA renewals on products that are no longer supported by Extensis. For more information please see our Support Policy here.

ASA renewals and additions

You can add more clients or other components to your solution during an ASA period, which will also be covered under their own 1-year agreement.

You will be notified annually when your ASA is about to expire.

The ICS team is available to contract for on-site technical assistance including software configuration, workflow consultation, font cleanup services, and training for administrators and end users.

More information on Extensis ICS services.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

North America: