Extensis Connect + Insight Solves Agencies' Most Challenging, Complex Problems

Connect + Insight helps large, globally dispersed creative teams quickly identify and resolve font usage risks buried within project files before production—bringing the first intelligent, creative risk management of its kind to creative operations.

It's time to make agency management awesome-er for everybody. 


Creative Risk Management, No Spreadsheets Required

Sure, you have the best talent and the best tools, but when it comes to tracking font licenses, your teams often rely on chaotic spreadsheets. Creatives recoil. Project managers wince. And mistakes happen.

Connect + Insight lets you swap disorganization for effective font and creative asset management at scale, simplified font license management, and intelligent font usage and license compliance reporting capabilities.

But it gets better. 


Font Usage Rules Aren't Meant To Be Broken

Imagine a world where project revisions—or worse, compliance errors—are cut in half, thanks to a simple yet helpful PDF.

Project Risk Scanning scans for font usage risks within projects before production, pinpoints identified risks in project files, and provides a PDF summary report with suggested steps for risk resolution, so teams can take informed action.

No more neckaches from spreadsheet checking, no more panicky, costly re-dos. 


Critical Thinking Meets Creative Asset Management

Connect + Insight makes creative agency workflow management more profitable by saving hundreds of billable hours and reducing font spend by 30%.

Get the analytical insight you need  to manage risk, make informed decisions, and deliver better results for both your clients, and your business.

Right out of the box.


We Put The Sweet In Creative Intelligence Suite

Connect + Insight is part of a Creative Intelligence Suite designed to enhance collaboration, maximize the efficiency of creative operations, ensure creative asset compliance, and deliver projects to stakeholders as promised—with no surprises, and healthy profit margins.

Compliance Is Our Heritage

Connect + Insight is inspired by our almost two decades-worth of experience providing compliance solutions to agencies working with the world’s leading brands. 


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