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Font Management Designed With Business In Mind

We built Connect Fonts to fit flawlessly into existing workflows so you can build a creative enterprise that lasts. 

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Collaboration, Coordination, And Control

That’s what you and your teams need more of to make agency life both easier and profitable in today’s digital world. We’re on it—see for yourself in this one-minute overview video.


The Future Of Font Management

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Connect Fonts didn’t just manage fonts, but made entire projects run smoother, start-to-finish?

Done. We just delivered more collaboration, coordination, and control with features built so fonts don’t hold up—or stop—the growth of your burgeoning creative business: 

  • + Licensing compliance and risk management tools
  • + PostScript font management 
  • + Analytics reporting
  • + Access controls
  • + Permission controls



Connect Fonts Keeps Teams Productive, Big Time

  • + Fewer non-billable hours dedicated to asset search
  • + Automatic weekly software and security updates 
  • + Foundry agnostic 
  • + Freelancer access management
  • + Hassle-free font sharing across internal and external teams

And We’re Developing More For Tomorrow

Imagine a world where teams can accelerate their creative work process, prevent any font or file problems from becoming catastrophes, and ultimately confirm and report that all creative assets utilized—including the fonts within—are error-free before the hand off to production.

That’s what we’ve got in the works. 

It’s gonna be great. You should come along for the ride. 

We’re On A Mission To End The Friction From…


Rampant Last-Second Font Purchasing

Licensing Complexity And Risk
Uncertainty Over Font Value And ROI
Google Having The First And Last Word On Font Selection
Every Project Culminating In A Fire Drill 
Creatives Changing Careers To Become Actuaries Or Accountants

Let’s Walk Through It, Talk Through It, And Get To Work


Customer Testimonial
“Extensis allows my team to take control of our font management in a powerful new way. Now we spend less time emailing each other to find the correct version of a font and more time helping our clients. Connect Fonts truly changed the way we work. We will never go back.”

-  Jason Ellison, Creative Director, Perfect December


Getting The Most From Connect Fonts

This webinar shows you how to unlock the potential of Connect Fonts and become the hero your teams need you to be. 

Wrangling Creative Assets Needn’t Kill The Magic

We’re the glue that holds your digital world together, so you don’t get left behind. Time to chat!