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Font Management
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Fonts are as slippery as any digital asset, so get a tight grip on ‘em with the platform that fits flawlessly into existing workflows and helps build a creative enterprise that lasts.

Signs It’s Time To Get Some Font Control

Fonts Are Impulse Purchases

Which increases both variable expenses and risk, all because you have no way to effectively search, purchase, document, or manage fonts.

You Live Above The Law

Font licensing is so confusing you don’t understand where you can use your fonts, where you can’t, whether you’re already out of compliance, or how to track it all.

You Avoid Your CFO

Because you have no idea who is using what font where, when, and how often, so you can’t answer pointed questions about long-term effectiveness, value, or ROI.

You Trust Google

For ease of search, despite limiting your font selection to foundries with great SEO, large paid search budgets, or both.

It’s Always About This Week

Today’s deadline and tomorrow’s payroll don’t leave bandwidth for planning the future of your business.

You’re Having An Identity Crisis

Frustration and panic build to the point you’re considering moving into the forest to be one of those psilocybin-assisted therapy guides.


+ Customer Testimonial


Extensis allows my team to take control of our font management in a powerful new way. Now we spend less time emailing each other to find the correct version of a font and more time helping our clients. Connect Fonts truly changed the way we work. We will never go back.


- Jason Ellison, Creative Director, Perfect December


The Future Of Font Management

Cloud-based Connect Fonts already helps teams of all sizes centralize, search, share, and compare fonts efficiently so hours stay billable and IT overhead costs shrivel.

But we just delivered more: more control and insight—for everybody.

  • Font license tracking—Store, search, view, and control every font license so you know where you’re compliant, where you’re not, what needs to be revised, and how to manage it all.
  • Analytics reporting—understand the fonts in your agency environment on one dashboard that identifies how many of each type are in use, then dive deep on specifics like name, foundry, and version. A handy tool to pinpoint Type 1 font end of support liabilities.



We’re Keeping Teams Productive Today…

  • Remote access in the cloud, any place, any time
  • Fewer non-billable hours dedicated to asset search
  • Hassle free font sharing across internal and external teams
  • Automatic weekly software and security updates
  • Foundry agnostic
  • Secure access through permission controls



…And Planning Even More For Tomorrow

  • License usage search—locate the right asset for the job based on permissions
  • Utilization tracking—know how and when each font is used to gain actionable insight on ROI
  • Organization-wide search—stay in the app and find fonts dispersed across any agency environment
  • Live version all assets—make downloads, edits, uploads, and saves automatic in the cloud
  • Crowd sourced pairing suggestions—leverage global font collections for diverse, meaningful, and automatic pairings


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