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Your Team’s Font Manager

Managing your fonts with Universal Type Server fuels your team’s creativity and productivity.

Store all of your fonts in a centralized, server-based font manager to ensure consistent, worry-free font usage across all of your projects.

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Font Software That’s Easy To Administer

Universal Type Server makes it easy to keep your team on task with minimal effort. Simple to setup, IT professionals love how easy it is to maintain reliably. Font Server Admins often admit that they “Set it and forget it!”

Ensure Creativity and Font Discovery

Give your team easy access to the typographic resources they need to stay productive.

Fonts are automatically distributed to your team, and the Universal Type Client makes it easy to browse, compare, search, discover and use fonts in projects.

Server-based Font Management Best Practices

Learn how to plan for and best implement a font server to help your team.

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Adobe After Effect Font Manager Adobe InCopy font manager Adobe QuarkXpress fon manager
Apple OS X El Capitan font manager Windows font manager

Integration With Your Professional Tools

Universal Type Server includes tight integration with the creative software that you’re already using, including Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 and QuarkXPress 2016.

With Font Sense powered font auto-activation plug-ins, enterprise font management has never been so seamless.

InDesign Server Font Automation

FontLink delivers fonts for documents in automated publishing workflows that use Adobe® InDesign® Server.

Automate Font Delivery

Do Your Designers Read Font licenses?

Do Your Designers Read Font Licenses?

Based on global survey, this report illustrates how font trading and misuse can lead to legal turmoil.
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Font Sense Finds the Right Font, Every Time

Use the right font automatically, every time with Font Sense® powered font auto-activation plug-ins.

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Font’s Hot, Font’s Not
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We surveyed designers and asked them to tell us everything about the font use. Want the results?

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