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Keeping your creative team productive, inspired and on task is paramount. It shouldn’t be an overwhelming task.

Centralize your font collection, banish font issues and protect your team from licensing concerns with Universal Type Server.

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Centralize & Synchronize

Creative workflows require fonts. Lots of them. No matter how large your collection is, Universal Type Server centrally stores your fonts and distributes them to users whenever and wherever required.


Reliable Technology

Font problems can take precious time to resolve. Universal Type Server prevents font problems from slowing down your team by banishing font corruption issues, delivering missing fonts, and integrating directly with professional design applications from Adobe and Quark.



Compliance & Control

Fonts are licensed like any other piece of software, but not always treated as such – traded, shared and even emailed. Prevent costly font license issues from catching your team off guard with Universal Type Server. Distribute licensed fonts to the right users and prevent unlicensed fonts from ever entering the workflow.


Modern & Professional

Optimized for Adobe Creative Cloud 2015, Apple OS X Yosemite and Windows 10, Universal Type Server is ready to step into your office.