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Extend Suitcase Fusion With Cloud Hosted Font Sharing


Sync Up and Share Your Fonts Across Your Team

Give every designer, from your in-house team to freelancers to publishers, access to the specific fonts they need based on the projects they’re working on.

Sync Up and Share Your Fonts Across Your Team

Instant Access to Font Libraries in the Cloud

No more installing and uninstalling fonts and managing licenses on a one-by-one basis. Simply invite users to access your cloud-based repository, and fonts are immediately available to anyone within a team.


Easy to Implement and Maintain

No IT support? No problem. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection to connect your team to your font libraries in the cloud and manage user access.


Suitcase Fusion + Hosted Font Sharing = Suitcase TeamSync

Suitcase TeamSync provides font sharing capabilities and the convenience and confidence of cloud hosting to Suitcase Fusion.

Suitcase TeamSync V4

Connect your team to your font libraries in the cloud today.


An Effortless Font Workflow

Keep your team in sync and productive

Includes Suitcase Fusion

Provide Suitcase Fusion to all of your Suitcase TeamSync subscribers to browse, compare, and organize your collection of fonts.

Reliable Cloud Technology

Powered by trusted Amazon Web Services technology, so your team's fonts are in sync, always backed up, and safe.

Easy Annual Subscription

Sync up and share your fonts across your team as soon as today. It’s easy to get started, add and delete users, and stay up-to-date with upgrades when you subscribe to Suitcase TeamSync.

“Suitcase TeamSync is the perfect font management solution...Designers simply upload their fonts...and they’re instantly available to anyone within the team.”
Mark Curtis, IT Technical Support Officer, Amnesty International

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Learn the Advantages of Cloud-Based Font Sharing

Learn how cloud-based font sharing makes it easy to keep your team in sync.

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