You update your hardware every few years. Your software needs a refresh, too.

Discover the new Suitcase Fusion 

Create with Confidence

You love fonts. But wrangling your font collection? Not so much. Welcome to Suitcase Fusion, the gold standard font manager for creative professionals.

  • Get organized. Instead of having fonts scattered across various folders, servers, and the cloud, bring them together in one central place. Organize your font collection by project, style, foundry, client — any way you prefer.
  • Get consistent. No more missing fonts or font conflicts. Suitcase Fusion activates fonts automatically in your favorite creative software, every time, so you don’t need to break your flow.
  • Get inspired. Scan, search, preview, and activate fonts as fast as inspiration strikes.

The Font Manager with Seamless Integrations

Not only is Suitcase Fusion a flexible font manager for Mac or Windows operating systems, it also supports the creative applications you use every day.

  • Powerful plugins that let you use your font library to its full potential in Adobe Creative Cloud and Sketch.
  • Drag-and-drop support for Affinity products — Designer, Photo, and Publisher.

See Suitcase Fusion in Action

More Than a Font Organizer

Auto-Activation plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud and Sketch
Precision auto-activation ensures that the right font will be active at the right time when you open your documents in Adobe Creative Cloud applications, as well as Sketch.
Easy font activation and deactivation
With a few quick clicks, it’s easy to make the fonts you want to use available when you need them — and to turn them off when you don’t.
Powerful search tools
Searching should be rewarding, not frustrating. Quickly find the fonts that you need with a variety of tools, including QuickFind, advanced find, and smart search.
See a font that’s almost — but not quite — what you need? Search your collection with QuickMatch to find comparable options.
Visual Font Previews
Preview first. Activate later. Suitcase Fusion gives you a sneak peek at how your type will look in any of your available fonts. Glyphs, sizes, full sentences — you can see them all before even activating them.
Font panels in Adobe applications
Your entire font collection, including third-party fonts, is instantly accessible within Adobe applications from the Extensis font panel.
Document Font Tracking
Suitcase Fusion remembers all the fonts used in documents created with supported apps including Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, and Affinity products. This gives you insights, faster searching, and even quickly saving as collections.
Patented font sense technology
Each font has a unique “fingerprint” that our Font Sense technology uses to get the right font every time.
Cloud sync included
Peace of mind is never worrying about losing fonts or having to transfer them between computers. Simply sync and back them up to the free cloud service Suitcase TypeSync.
Powerful organization
Use this font organizer to get your workflow in order. Create font libraries, sets, and smart searches to save you time.
Easily manage fonts from Adobe Fonts
Access and manage fonts synced from Adobe Fonts alongside the rest of your font collection.
Google Fonts at your fingertips
Build an instant font collection and download more than 2,200 fonts from the Google Font library connection.

Design, Inspired

Suitcase Fusion empowers your creativity — uninterrupted, uninhibited, and unleashed. Distraction can destroy focus in any workflow, but as a graphic designer, you have bigger goals than just organizing your fonts.

Inspiration and curiosity are crucial to creative success. Typography can have a profound effect on a project’s overall visual impact, which is why it’s important to embrace new scripts and use old favorites in unexpected ways. Something that sets Suitcase Fusion apart from other font managers and font organizers is its unique ability to help designers discover and compare new typefaces.

Stay curious, get inspired, and find your new favorite font.

Evolving, Always

At Extensis, we’re always working to make our font management software even better. Our goal is to provide more support and flexibility for the creative workflows of today and tomorrow.

Our recent Suitcase Fusion updates include integrations with the latest version of Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, along with Sketch and Affinity products.

We now offer Suitcase Fusion as a subscription service to help you easily and instantly keep up to date with the latest versions of our product — without having to make an unexpected purchase.








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