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What’s New in Suitcase Fusion

Rediscover the Joy in Your Font Collection


Completely Redesigned and Streamlined

All-new Design

New preview options, library organization, and detailed font display make up the redesign—letting you focus on core font management tasks.

Tile Previews

Quickly locate, activate, and use fonts from your collection with visual Tile Previews.

Temporary Fonts

Find temporary fonts displayed in their own separate library, making them easier to locate, add, and remove.

Design Tools Support

Includes plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 (October 2017 release), QuarkXpress 2017, and more. See complete compatibility details.

Direct Connection to MyFonts

Get direct access to Monotype’s’s collection of 130,000+ fonts. Automatically activate and manage them alongside your existing library.

Works with Windows and Mac

Fully tested with macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 to ensure a smooth transition and workflow.

Font Metadata Details

Easily access detailed font data so you can decipher font differences by design and technical specifications.

Language Support Info

Find detailed language support information so you can pick fonts that support each of your job requirements with ease.

Glyph Level Details

Examine fonts down to the glyph level, so you can find a specific glyph within a font.

Integrated QuickMatch

Locate similar fonts in your collection with the convenient QuickMatch, which allows you to search your entire font collection using a font as a starting point.

No Substitution

Get exactly what you see. Fonts display only characters that are available in the font, eliminating confusing glyph substitutions.

Easy to Upgrade

Get a seamless upgrade experience with step-by-step instructions and support.

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Share Fonts Across Your Creative Team

Give every designer on your team easy access to your licensed font collection via the cloud with Suitcase TeamSync.

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