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What’s New in Suitcase Fusion

Finding the Right Font Takes Discovery and Recovery


Maximize your productivity and creativity

The best way to view, organize, and use every font in your collection now delivers more ways to enhance your productivity. The new Suitcase Fusion 9 makes it easy to find and manage fonts through documents you’ve created in the past, so you can recall and get the fonts you need. Updated plug-ins also keep you compatible with updated creative applications.

Document Font Tracking

Track fonts used in documents saved with supported plug-ins, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Document Thumbnails

Explore your documents visually with thumbnail previews that show layout and the fonts used in them, without having to open the document parent application.

Detailed Font Usage Info

See the fonts used in a document, along with detailed information for each, including: font name, type, version, foundry, Font Sense ID, and availability in Suitcase Fusion.

Document Information Tab

See document information in a succinct info pane, detailing out the document file type, parent application used to create it, date created and last modified, number of fonts used, and associated tags.

Enhanced Searching

Use QuickFind to search for documents using specific fonts by font name, or by document name.

Font Collection for Output

Gather all the fonts used in a document without having to launch the creative application it was created in.

Sortable Font View

Organize how you see your fonts by a selected criteria type, such as name, foundry, style, activation, favorites, and more.

64-Bit Support

Easily install and run Suitcase Fusion on the newest Macintosh and Windows operating systems, which require 64-bit support.

Adobe Design Tools Compatibility

Updated plug-ins and panels support Adobe Creative Cloud (October 2018 release).

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