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Suitcase Fusion is the industry-leading font manager for Mac and Windows. It helps creative professionals organize, manage, and activate fonts — so you can spend less time searching and more time creating.

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Creative professionals around the world specializing in graphic design,marketing, and brand management all choose Suitcase Fusion to manage theirfont collections.

With Suitcase Fusion you can:

  • Sync and organize your Adobe Fonts and your entire font collection, including system fonts, purchased fonts, and any other fonts on your workstation.
  • Auto-activate your fonts in supported Adobe Creative Cloud applications the moment you open your document.
  • Leverage work you’ve already done by tracking fonts across creative documents, so you can quickly and easily find and manage the fonts you’ve used in past projects.
  • Save your font collection in the cloud with the Extensis TypeSync cloud service — included free with Suitcase Fusion. Never worry about losing your fonts, or experience the hassle of manually transferring them from one machine to another.
  • Keep current and always have the most up-to-date version [link] for seamless integration with the most popular design software.
  • Cross-Platform - Available for both Mac and Windows

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Customer Testimonial
"Managing almost 9,000 fonts was a daunting task until I tried Suitcase Fusion. Organizing and viewing fonts by style, or by clients makes finding the perfect font easy."
— Rob Beardsley, visual communications designer, Beardsley Design

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