Choose your perfect font management solution and discover how easy it is to have all your fonts in one place.

Suitcase Fusion

per user
Professional Font Management

For individuals and companies that need to easily organize, find, view and use their font collections

  • All your fonts in one place
  • Available for Mac or PC
  • Font auto-activation in Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Includes Font Doctor, a font corruption detection and repair kit

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Suitcase TeamSync

per user/yr
Professional Font Management with Font Sharing

For teams and companies that need font management and to easily share fonts across the team

  • Includes everything in Suitcase Fusion
  • Instant access to cloud-based font repository
  • Font sharing and synchronization across your team
  • Ability to add and delete users as your needs change

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What Our Customers Say

“My favorite and easiest to use ever Font Management app!”

“The UI of the new Suitcase Fusion is great!”

“I love Suitcase. Been using it professionally for a very long time.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How many computers can access one copy of Suitcase Fusion?

When you purchase a copy of Suitcase Fusion, you can use it on up to two computers for personal use. If you have more than one user, you need to purchase multiple copies. You can purchase up to 3 copies of Suitcase Fusion per account.

How do I upgrade to the most recent version of Suitcase Fusion?

Registered users of Suitcase Fusion 8 are eligible for upgrade pricing to Suitcase Fusion 9. The upgrade price is $59.95.

To purchase the Suitcase Fusion 9 upgrade, log into your Extensis account using the same email address associated with your Suitcase Fusion 8 registration. If you do not have Suitcase Fusion 8 registered in your account, the upgrade option will not be available during checkout.

Upgrade pricing

How do I add Suitcase TeamSync licenses to my account?

The license owner can log into their account on, visit the My Products section, and select your TeamSync licenses. From there, you will be able to add licenses for additional users.

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What do I order if I need more than 3 copies of Suitcase Fusion?

We recommend that you purchase Suitcase TeamSync instead. It includes Suitcase Fusion for each of your subscribed users and it also allows them to access your licensed font collection via the cloud. With Suitcase TeamSync, you can curate and distribute your font library automatically across your team quickly and easily.

  • Designed for multiple Suitcase Fusion users
  • Cloud-based, no IT costs
  • Upgrades always included
  • Add or remove users quickly