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Support Your Teams For Adobe’s
End Of Support For PostScript Fonts

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Clarity For The Road Ahead

In times of big changes in the industry, IT and business leaders feel it the most. And the end of support for PostScript Type 1 fonts will be no different.

Measure The Costs

This shift could impact your bottom line. You may need to purchase replacement fonts and re-design projects. Plan ahead to limit disruptions to your team.

Assess Your Risk Level

Find out the scope of the issue to make sure everyone has the correct fonts. Determine how many fonts will be affected and where they’re being used.

Communicate The Impact

Get your team on board early. Once you define the costs and the risk of doing nothing, it will be easier for everyone to address this challenge.

Font Insights For IT And Business Leaders


The Demise Of PostScript Fonts

Prepare your team, your systems, and your business for the road ahead. The end of support for PostScript Type 1 fonts will be here sooner than you know it, so watch our webinar to get ready. We’ll cover everything from how to identify PostScript Type 1 fonts across all your team’s projects to finding the best replacements.

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