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Share your team’s fonts in the cloud for an effortless font workflow. Give every designer on your team easy access to your licensed font collection. Download this trial and experience the power of Suitcase Fusion with cloud-hosted font sharing — ensuring each member of your creative team has the fonts they need, when they need them.

Try Suitcase TeamSync for free.

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Cloud-Based Font Management for Creative Teams

Whether it’s two designers growing a boutique design studio, or an agency with staff and freelance designers working across global offices and on different accounts, Suitcase TeamSync helps teams gain access to the fonts they need, quickly and seamlessly.

Unite your team and experience the benefits of Suitcase TeamSync:

  • Easily invite users to access your cloud-based repository where fonts are instantly available to anyone within the team
  • Use with Suitcase Fusion for an effortless font workflow
  • Easy font library sharing and synchronization across teams
  • Integrated auto-activation and font access with Adobe applications
  • Guaranteed font accuracy
  • Software upgrades included
  • Simple user management and ability to add and delete users as needed
  • No server software required
  • No need for IT setup
  • Available for Mac and Windows

Try Suitcase TeamSync for free.

STS free trial
Customer Testimonial
“Suitcase TeamSync is the perfect font management solution...Designers simply upload their fonts…and they’re instantly available to anyone within the team.”
— Mark Curtis, IT technical support officer, Amnesty International

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