Creative processes are often complex and nuanced — not one size fits all. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with resources to help you understand what to expect, so you can identify the best approach to font management for you and your team.


Brush Up On Best Practices

There’s more to fonts than meets the eye. They’re actually tiny pieces of software with complex licensing — and they demand respect. Work with your fonts, rather than against them, and the creative process gets a whole lot faster, easier, and more consistent.

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Artwork by: Damaris Todor - Extensis Graphic Designer

The Big Questions

Researching font management can be overwhelming

It’s important that you establish what your unique needs are before you start comparing different solutions, so you can make a confident, well-informed investment.

Top Questions to Ask

The True Value of Effective Font Management

Overcome font hurdles and unleash greater inspiration, collaboration, and productivity.

Uninterrupted Creativity

From auto-activation to a simple font suggestion, the right tool can boost your team's capacity to create more brilliance with fewer interruptions.

Improved Consistency

Intelligent font management can ensure that the right font is always activated at the right time.

Integrated Toolsets

Font management should be dynamic and play nice with your creative programs like Adobe Creative Cloud apps, Sketch, and Affinity — so your team can stay on task.