Font Managers Are A Creative's Secret Weapon

We all know that fonts can transform a project from solid to exceptional. But the challenges associated with wrangling your collection can lead to wasted time, energy, and money. Font manager software does all the heavy lifting for you. This technology supports you during your creative process so that you can focus on bringing your vision to life, without going down a wormhole to find “missing fonts.”

What does life look like after choosing an effective font manager? Designers and creative teams can expect saved time, uninterrupted concentration, and a bunch of cool features that improve consistency, suggest substitutions, and empower font sharing — all while playing nice with your go-to creative tools.

Artwork by: Damaris Todor - Extensis Graphic Designer

Keep An Eye On Your Goals

Let’s say you want to take this typographic technology for a spin. Where do you even start? In an effort to meet the needs of selective creative professionals, there has been in a boom in font manager software over the last several years. We recommend clarifying your own needs and wants, doing your research, and fully exploring the user experience with a free trial when available.

Know What You Need

Love Your Fonts Again

Fonts are design magic. That’s easily forgotten when you get a “font missing” notification or realize that you don’t have the licensing you need for a specific project. Whether your primary goal is consistency, compliance, or just a better creative collaboration experience for your team, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Create Without Compromise

How Does Your Team Really Use Fonts?

Misunderstandings about font management best practices can lead to disorganization, reduced productivity, costly mistakes, and even litigation over licensing. Understand exactly how and why these issues arise — and what you can do to prevent them.

See The Big Picture

Everyone Can Benefit From Font Manager Software

Individual Designers
Whether you’re a freelancer with multiple clients or a lucky company’s sole designer, you can absolutely reap the benefits of saved time, improved organization, and uninterrupted creativity.

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Creative Teams
Agencies and marketing teams require support for individual workflows, as well as font sharing capabilities. ensure productive collaboration from anywhere.

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Large Organizations
Font management and license compliance is essential across a variety of industries. Give your creatives the font tools they need and integrate support for other employees’ needs, all while ensuring compliance.

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