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More Time And Peace Of Mind

Extensis Connect will automatically tag your digital assets with smart keywords. This saves you a ton of time when you search for files, and it also cuts out the busywork of tagging files when you add them to your collection. Now you have more time for creative work that matters.


Collaboration: Your Secret Superpower

Do you have content scattered across local computers and different 3rd party platforms? No problem. Upload all your content to Extensis Connect and store everything in one place. One single source of truth means you can find everything faster. Now it’s easier for you and your team to avoid outdated logos and incorrect file versions. Work better, together.


Quick, Convenient Access From Anywhere

With Extensis Connect, you and your team can access your digital assets from anywhere with an internet connection… and get started in minutes. You don’t need to be in the same room to collaborate. Now your team can stay in sync across the country and around the world.


Easy To Learn, Easy To Use

You’ve got better things to do than train your team how to use a new DAM system. Things like building new campaigns and growing your business.

That’s why we made Extensis Connect simple and intuitive. From design veterans to new hires, anyone can learn to use it in minutes.



Get The Most Out Of A

Low Cost, Cloud-Based DAM


One single source of truth to organize, store, and find your digital assets

Find It Fast

Quick search means you can complete all your work faster. That means you can pitch faster and get paid faster, too.


Collaborate From Anywhere

If you can get online, you can view your digital assets. Now everyone on your team can do their best work from anywhere.

Automatic Keyword Tagging

Extensis Connect automatically assigns smart keywords to your digital assets. Less busywork means you have more time for creative work that matters.

Everything In One Place

When you have a single source of truth for your digital assets, everyone on your team can always find the latest version. Stay in sync, stay productive.


Simple File Conversion

Extensis Connect lets you easily convert images to a different resolution and file type. Save time switching between applications and improve productivity.


Get Started in Minutes

With a cloud-based digital asset management system, there’s nothing to install on your local machine. Easy to launch, easy to learn, and easy to use.





How Do You Evaluate A Digital Asset Management System?

If you want to improve your digital asset management, you need to make it as simple as possible. Make sure your new DAM system delivers in these areas:

  • Quick Setup Means Fast Results. Look for a cloud-based DAM solution that you can launch in minutes. If it’s easy to learn and easy to use, that means you can spend less time training your team and more time growing your business. With Extensis Connect there’s nothing to download, so you can launch it and start using it in minutes.
  • Ready When You Are. Login from anywhere. If you can access the internet, you should be able to login to your DAM. And the most flexible DAM systems allow you to upload documents from Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. Why is this important? If you can add a new system to your team’s workflow without disrupting their productivity, that means they can start using it immediately without changing their habits.
  • Makes It Easier To Manage Your People And Your Digital Assets. The right DAM solution will automatically tag your assets with relevant keywords to make every search even faster. And when you centralize all your files, this makes it much easier to manage your team members’ access.

Select the DAM That’s Right For You

We built Extensis Connect for agencies and marketers looking to unleash their creativity with a low cost DAM. We also offer a digital asset management solution for larger teams, Portfolio. This platform is ideal for companies that need a more robust DAM system with workflow automation.


Extensis Connect


Designed For
Small creative teams that are ready to get started with digital asset management
Teams of any size that need a more robust digital asset management solution
Hosted Options
On-Premise or Self Hosted
Centralized DAM Solution
Fast, Easy File Previews
Secure Asset Sharing Via The Web
Automatic Smart Tagging
Quick Image Conversion
Upload Files From Cloud Storage Systems (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive)
Workflow Automation
Flexible API
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Pricing (Annual Subscription Per User)
$300 / User / Year
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