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Connect Assets


Cloud-Based Digital
Asset Management For
Teams Of All Sizes


All Your Assets In One Place

Creative teams can get bogged down when their assets are scattered across Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and local computers. Upload your documents to Connect Assets so you can find files faster and avoid confusion.


Save Time With Smart Keywords

Connect Assets saves you time when you search for files and upload new assets to the platform. The system auto-tags all documents with smart keywords, so finding them is a cinch.

DAM Done Right

Connect Assets empowers creative teams to access everything they need, from anywhere.

Single Source Of Truth

When everything’s spread out across DropBox, Google Drive, and random machines, chaos ensures.

Get your whole team using Connect Assets to get exactly what they need, when they need it.

Smart Keywords

Connect auto-tags all documents with smart keywords, so finding them is a cinch.

And you can always add more keywords — client, project, theme, etc.

True Edit

Streamline the download/upload cycle of editing.

Download a file and the appropriate app will automatically open it. Save your edits and tell Connect to replace the existing document in the cloud.


Connect Assets

Cloud-based digital asset management
  • Makes collaboration a breeze
  • Automatic keyword tagging
  • All your files in one place
  • Single Sign On—use just one set of login credentials for convenient access and better security

per user per month,
billed annually *

*Local taxes not included.
Credit card NOT required for trial.


Fonts Are Assets, Too

Extensis Connect is a two-part platform built to manage the assets creatives work with every day — including fonts.

Fonts are crucial. They make or break a design and establish brand consistency. However, the searching, purchasing, and documenting process for fonts—as well as licensing and access complications—makes managing them difficult.

But everything can fall into place. By using Connect Fonts and Connect Assets in tandem, you’ll control how work is delegated, budgeting for licenses, and access for collaborators while gaining usage insights to determine purchasing decisions.

Most importantly, with Extensis Connect, you’ll ensure that your whole team has an avenue to everything they need. No font friction, no missing files, no outdated assets.

Hungry For More Knowledge?


Do I need to install any software?

No. Connect Assets works entirely online with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox web browsers, on desktop machines as well as mobile devices. Subscribe now and log in to your account to get started.

What methods of payment are accepted?

You can pay by credit card or PayPal. If you’d like to pay by another method, please contact us.

How does billing work for Connect Assets?

When you purchase annual licenses for Connect Assets, they are good for an entire year from the date of purchase. Your licenses will automatically renew each year through your original method of payment. Easily add licenses or change your payment method at any time.

What if I need extra data storage for my team?

Our digital asset management pricing includes 1 TB of data storage per user for Connect Assets, pooled among all licenses purchased for your team. Extra storage is available in increments of 1 TB at $200 per year.

How does Connect Assets control access and secure data?

Connect Assets uses a custom web-based authorization mechanism to ensure security. It’s also compatible with Directory Services from OKTA and Azure AD, so you can utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) to reduce workflow interruptions and breach opportunities. You can learn more about Access Control and Secure Data here.

How does Connect Assets handle users’ personal data?

We ensure that your personal data is securely encrypted, and are fully GDPR-compliant. You can read our Privacy Policy for more details.

What if I want both Connect Assets and Connect Fonts? Do you offer a bundle?

You can access both Connect Assets and our font manager Connect Fonts within the Extensis Connect platform. They are billed as separate subscriptions. While we do not offer bundled pricing when purchasing these two solutions together, this is something we are exploring for the future.