The Extensis Story

At Extensis, we come to work every day motivated to help our customers succeed in achieving their goals. We believe that you can increase the ROI from your digital assets, fonts, and images if you can find them, easily share them, and protect them. We focus on building solutions that accelerate your workflows so you can achieve your goals faster, and we’re here to help if and when you need it.


Our Founding

Extensis was founded in 1993 in Portland, Oregon with the goal of removing barriers that get in the way of creativity. Our roots started with core Apple enthusiasts using Adobe and Quark products and focused on the creation of plug-ins.


Early Growth & Acquisition

In the mid-90s, Extensis was the largest plug-in developer in the world adding photo cataloging software, a creative content website, font management, and digital asset management to its product suite. This growth led to Extensis being sold to Japanese content-management company Celartem Inc. in 2002.


Product Focus and Expansion

In 2005, the plug-in product line was sold allowing Extensis to focus entirely on font management and digital asset management technologies. Extensis continued to innovate and was awarded over 20 font patents throughout its existence. Extensis expanded its global presence into the UK, France, Germany, and Australia.


Uniting with LizardTech

In 2018, sister company LizardTech, also owned by Celartem Inc., moves its state-of-the-art software solutions for compressing and distributing massive, high-resolution geospatial data into the Extensis suite of products. Extensis and LizardTech customers now have access to additional solutions for maximizing the value of their digital assets.


Looking Forward

Used by over 5,000 companies and more than 100,000 professionals, Extensis continues to make the process of leveraging digital assets, fonts, and images easy. Ultimately, we want to help you do more of what matters to you and your business.