Why Do I Need a Font Manager?

Laura Xu
July 9, 2019
3 min read

For some people, hours of fun consist of watching adorable cat videos. For others, fonts are their kryptonite and they can’t get enough finding and getting the best ones for their latest project and collections. I don’t know how many of our customers love cats but they sure do love fonts! On average, we know that creative designers have 4,500 fonts and our customers have discovered how having a font manager can improve their workflow and spark their creativity.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, a marketer, or a creative director, your fonts are a part of your design tool kit. Maybe you have 1,000 fonts or maybe you have 10,000. Regardless of the actual number, accessing the ones you want when you need them helps you get the most out of the fonts you do have and the ones you'll continue to add to your library. 

Why Do You Need a Font Manager?

1. Centralized Location for All Your Fonts

Having a centralized location for all of your fonts is essential for keeping your collection organized and in one place. No longer will you have to search through folders on your current hard drive, on a cloud drive, this external drive, or that external drive. You get the point!

A font manager allows you to have all of your fonts, from system fonts, purchased fonts, free fonts, to fonts synced from Google Fonts or Abode Fonts, in a single location so that you can find and organize them more quickly and easily. When fonts are added to Suitcase Fusion, you can consolidate all of them and organize them by project, client, foundry, type designer, or however you see fit.

You can also choose to store them in the Extensis Font Vault and enable TypeSync, which will allow you to sync your Suitcase Fusion local libraries to a second computer using Extensis' free cloud service. This will help you eliminate worry about losing fonts or having to transfer them between computers. 

2. Find the Font You Want Quickly

A professional font manager, like Suitcase Fusion, allows you to quickly preview all your fonts in multiple ways and find the exact font you need through powerful search tools. Suitcase Fusion features four different ways to search: QuickFind, Advanced Find, Smart Search, and Quick Match.

QuickFind is the fastest way to locate a font in any of your libraries. By simply typing words or phrases in the QuickFind field, you’ll get matches based on font name, Postscript name, family, foundry, classification, and tags.

The Advanced Find feature allows you to locate fonts using a combination of attributes, such as name, foundry, tags, style, type, classification, and version. You can include up to six search criteria in a single Advanced Find operation.

Smart Search builds onto the Advanced Find feature by letting you save that search criteria so you can quickly find all the fonts that match your previously set criteria. This is also great because your Smart Search set will dynamically update whenever fonts are added or deleted from your library.

And last but not least, there’s Quick Match, which allows you to find fonts in your libraries that are visually similar to a font you’ve selected.

Why Do I Need a Font Manager_Find Perfect Font

3. Improve Productivity and Save Time

Countless hours can be lost finding missing fonts or even finding a specific font or combination of fonts you once used a few projects back. Suitcase Fusion includes Document Tracking, a feature that allows you to find, manage, and see fonts you used in documents. No need to rely on pure memory; rather you can quickly see and get to the fonts you've already used in your creative projects.

Another key feature of Suitcase Fusion is the auto-activation feature that syncs your fonts with Adobe Creative Cloud applications. With the auto-activation plug-in, you can simply open a file and the exact versions of the fonts used in it will turn on.  Our patented Font Sense ID technology ensures that the precise font is activated when your documents requires, saving you from seeing the dreaded missing font errors message.

Why Do I Need a Font Manager_Increase Efficiency

Successfully managing your font collection with a font manager can help you be more productive and creative in your workflow and be more confident about your work. Fonts are a critical part of the creative process and font management software has become an essential tool for creative professionals. 


Laura XuLaura Xu – Email and Event Marketing Manager

Laura Xu is a seasoned content marketer and event manager at Extensis with a passion for crafting digital communications. Laura’s marketing career spans over a decade working in financial and professional services in San Francisco, Hong Kong and London. Whether it’s through a product launch email, event email invitation, or an engaging webinar, Laura knows the power of connecting through technology. After living in sprawling cities with more skyscrapers than trees, Laura is now relishing being back home in Portland, Oregon surrounded by lush green trees and accessible parks. She loves hiking, yoga, meditation, photography, and reading.