Suitcase Fusion vs Suitcase TeamSync: How to Decide

Katherine Hutter
October 1, 2019
1 min read

As a member of our sales team here at Extensis, I work with customers every day who have a tough time deciding between Suitcase Fusion and Suitcase TeamSync. However, with a few quick questions, you can easily determine the best fit.

1. Do you need to share font collections with other people?

Suitcase TeamSync adds a superpower to our Suitcase Fusion desktop software — sharing of font libraries. This comes with a user interface to manage users and permissions.

No more moving fonts from one machine to the other manually. Similar to auto-activation, font synchronization happens invisibly in the background while you focus on the creative work you want to do.

We usually recommend TeamSync for workgroups ranging in size from two to 15 users. Any larger and you may want to look at our more robust server offering, Universal Type Server.

TeamSync is also cloud hosted, making it easy to spin up and enable sharing functionality without needing help from your friends in IT.

2. Do you upgrade Creative Cloud or your OS every year?

Do you look forward to Adobe’s annual updates to its Creative Cloud software. So do we! But these releases mean we have work to do — updating our software plugins for continued compatibility with Adobe’s products.

Similarly, if you upgrade your OS every year, an older version of Suitcase Fusion may cease to function.

With Suitcase TeamSync, you don't have to worry about manually managing upgrades for broken plug ins. Because it’s a subscription, you always have access to the latest releases of Suitcase. Just turn it on and get to work!

3. Do you need to control permissions and access to font libraries?

Fonts can be pesky pieces of software, and some managers like to keep a tight lid on the fonts that come in and out of the workflow.

With TeamSync, you can create shared libraries and manage it by setting roles and permissions to read-only, let your users collect fonts for output, or empower them to add fonts to the library . It’s that simple! So, if you are working with a team and prefer a subscription style service, TeamSync might be a great fit.

Not sure about TeamSync yet? Chat with our sales team on our website We are always happy to help!