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Good font management is part of every professional design workflow (or should be). With Suitcase Fusion 5 as your font manager, we want you to focus on creativity without getting in your way.

Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite Ready


  • Brand New font auto-activation plugins for Adobe® Creative Cloud™ applications
  • Use Suitcase Fusion™ on more than one machine, just like your CC subscription
  • When sharing files within Creative Cloud, Font Sense™ font fingerprinting ensures everyone sees the correct font
  • Supports Adobe InDesign®, Illustrator®, InCopy® and Photoshop Creative Cloud and Creative Suite
  • For both Mac and Windows, with feature parity across the board


Stay Creatively Inspired with Fontspiration

Graphic design moves at lightning speed these days. New, gorgeous typefaces are released and quickly make it into the most cutting edge designs. The new Fontspiration™ panel is your crystal ball to look into the font future, past and present.

  • Locate new and interesting fonts for your creative work
  • See what other creative pros are using in real-world projects
  • Explore the boundaries of lettering, typography and fonts in design
  • Dig into what professionals from bygone eras have learned about type

Fast and Easy Font Selection with QuickComp

Selecting typefaces that work well together is often the first thing most of us do for any new creative project. QuickComp™ makes it easy to test, experiment and select font pairs.


  • Experiment with headline/intro/body copy pairings without activating your entire library
  • Save your favorite pairings to a set, activate the set, and start designing
  • Comp with different fonts and compare side-by-side within project templates
  • Deliver printed or PDF proofs which include font choices, color values, etc.
  • Create web mockups using live web fonts and built-in templates for fast decision making
  • Now with double the templates included in Suitcase Fusion 5 v16.2


The Smartest Way to Design With Web Fonts

  • Direct access to web font services through the Extensis font panel in Creative Cloud applications (Google Fonts & Typekit)
  • Load up ANY web page in the Fusion browser and start swapping out fonts for quick experimentation
  • FREE web font plug-in makes Google Fonts easy to access for design use in Creative Cloud Applications


Modern OS Support including Windows 8 and OS X (10.9) Mavericks

  • Whether you’re fully up to date, or a few versions back, Suitcase Fusion 5 has you covered with broad operating system support.

Check Suitcase Fusion 5 compatibility with your system

QuarkXPress 10 Support

  • Keep your fonts connected to your design and publishing systems with font auto-activation XTensions for QuarkXPress 10 in Suitcase Fusion 5.


Find Similar Fonts Faster Than Ever

  • Locate similar fonts faster with the updated QuickMatch
  • Suitcase Fusion intelligently builds a database of the unique metrics of your fonts, allowing you to quickly search for similar fonts in your collection
  • Connect to Google Fonts to locate a font matching your current desktop fonts.