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Google Workspace Add-on: Extensis Fonts

The Best Way To Manage The Google Fonts Library in Google DocsTM And Google SlidesTM


If you want to view, access, and manage Google Fonts better and faster—and discover which Google Fonts are trending—this Google Workspace Add-on is for you.

  • Access to the entire Google Fonts library—over 1400 free Google Fonts families
  • View fonts in a convenient panel, browse and sort by style, select the text, and click the font from the panel to apply
  • That means no more returning to the Google Fonts menu every time you try something new
  • Search popular and trending fonts and avoid font FOMO

Works with Google Docs™ and Google Slides™.

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Yet…ARE Free Fonts Enough?

If you long for more options than the free fonts provide—maybe you want to support local foundries, or you’re inspired by that awesome type designer with their compelling and masterful portfolio—Connect Fonts manages ALL types.

That means with Connect Fonts you can find the perfect font to satisfy whatever your design has a hankering for—no matter who it’s from: Adobe, Google, Monotype, or That Special One And Only Magic Maker. Find and manage any MUST HAVE font with Connect Fonts.

  • One flexible desktop and cloud-based platform to manage every font
  • Collaborate with your team, any time, any place
  • Easy to launch—>learn—>use
  • Spend less time wrestling workflows, more time creating remarkable designs
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Connect Fonts

Desktop and cloud-based font management
  • Auto-activate fonts in Adobe apps and Sketch
  • Robust search functionality
  • Intelligent font pairing
  • Single Sign On—use just one set of login credentials for convenient access and better security

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billed annually *

*Local taxes not included.
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