We Hear You Like Inspiration: 6 Uplifting Design And Typography Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Creative projects take time, brainpower, and a whole lot of inspiration. We oughtta know (ahem, have you checked out our sparkling new font management platform?). And being creative on the spot? For your job? Each client, each project, each creative brief is unique — and it’s likely you’ll need to labor late into the night to not just get it right, but crush it.

That’s why to make your design goals, hopes, and dreams come true, you’re going to need inspiration that propels your work forward, past all the competition.

We’ve got good news. These Instagram accounts for typography and design are run by people who want to share super cool (and cool-looking, obviously) stuff that will endow you with the inspiration to make your creative dreams come true.

And last time we checked, dreams—and creating connection—make all the difference when it comes to design. So let’s do this thing…get that Follow Button-Pushing Finger readyyyyyyy….NOW:




Sumotype is a type foundry and design studio based in Bogotá, Columbia, bent on providing high-quality typefaces with rich histories. Sumotype’s artistry and expertise makes loving this foundry easy, but sneak peeks at the cool folks behind it make this follow extra rewarding.





If you made it to Adobe MAX this year you’ll remember author, artist, and speaker Kadir Nelson from a fantastic Inspiration Keynote. His unique perspective, talent, and insight produce extraordinary results. What’s extra cool is Kadir’s not-so-secret mission: empowering creatives to shake off fear so they can learn, grow, and (most importantly) have the confidence to share their designs.





63 is the country code of the Philippines. That’s right, this is an initiative to both highlight and celebrate Filipino type design. Find a curated list of Filipino-made typefaces in the Type63 Directory (or submit your work to be featured—could be anything from fully realized releases to a personal project). You can also find a tool to design your own font, catch an all-about-type talk, and otherwise be both impressed and motivated by the breadth of Filipino type designs.





Graphic designer, photographer, and all-around remarkable-maker Damar Little’s big breathtaking designs will leave you drooling for more. Burning creativity + color and textures explain why big brands like Adidas keep Damar on speed dial, and his generous sharing of concept work for the likes of TylerTheCreator and Reebok will inspire you to find your flow, then let it rip.





Jo Malinis showcases her graphic design, type design, illustration, and brand identity work through stunning statement pieces that are just as functional as they are beautiful. We spoke with Jo in 2021 and you can read the blog here. Warning: it includes Jo’s sources of inspiration as well, so you may suddenly suffer from insight overload. Also, she founded @type63_!





Letterform Archive is a nonprofit center built to inspire, educate, publish, and simply connect graphic designers. Exhibitions, lectures, workshops, salons, archives, book sales…they’ve got an amazing thing going on here you won’t want to miss.



Have fun both following these accounts and making all your creative dreams come true!