What’s New with Universal Type Server

Tara Storozynsky
September 1, 2020
1 min read

We created Universal Type Server to solve a very specific need — full-spectrum, enterprise-level font management. Since its initial launch in 2009, we’ve made numerous improvements so that you can use UTS to distribute fonts, provide users with different tiers of font support, ensure licensing compliance, and establish workflows that make life easier for your team.

We’ve just launched Universal Type Server 7.0.6, and we wanted to talk about a couple of major changes with this release.

The first piece of good news is that we’ve made considerable server improvements for Universal Type Server 7.0.6. We’ve modernized our server architecture to reflect recent industry-wide technology trends, and the result is improved compatibility and more robust security. While end-users may not notice much difference, these updates will safeguard and support your entire company’s workflow behind the scenes. We’ve also fixed a customer-reported bug concerning the font vault. You can read the latest release notes here if you’re curious about the general server improvements or the bug fix.

Next, we’re thrilled to announce that Universal Type Server is now available as an annual subscription. For our current UTS customers, not much will change. You will continue to enjoy new upgrades and releases as well as access to our highly qualified technical support team.

New customers can subscribe to begin using all of the benefits of UTS right away. We have exceptional font management solutions for individuals and growing teams, but nothing compares to UTS when you need to share fonts with a large team and get insights into how those fonts are being used. It’s the best font management solution to ensure you’re complying with your font EULAs. We’re very excited to offer these benefits at a more accessible price by subscription, and we look forward to welcoming many new organizations to Universal Type Server.


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