Universal Type Server

Organize and distribute your fonts across your organization


All-in-One Font Management

Manage a single, centralized source for all of the font resources you have. Minimize inconsistencies through robust permissions and automatically distribute fonts to your teams. It’s easy for them to browse, compare, search, and activate approved fonts when they need them.

UTS - All-in-One Management

Work Seamlessly

Universal Type Server is simple to set up and maintain. It works seamlessly within your network and alongside your professional tool set, including Adobe Creative Cloud, QuarkXPress, Apple, and Microsoft. See Universal Type Server Integrations.

UTS Compatability

Keep Your Organization Safe and Legal

Ensure your users legally have access to the fonts they need to get the job done and keep unlicensed fonts out. Plus, understand everything about your font requirements and use, protecting your organization from costly lawsuits.

UTS - Protect Your Organization

Reduce Costs

Understand your team’s font usage with easy-to-understand reports. You’ll get quantifiable data that supports your font licensing decisions and can identify areas of unnecessary cost.

UTS - Reduce Costs

We’re Here to Help

With our top notch Technical Support and Customer Service teams, we get you the help that you need quickly and easily. You’ll also have access to our knowledge base 24/7 where you can find out how to fix an issue or learn best practices.


See Universal Type Server in Action


Enterprise Font Management

A comprehensive solution that delivers font organization, distribution, and compliance management

Centralized Font Distribution

Take the burden off of IT and administration by using a single source that is simple to set up and makes it easy to manage, store, and deliver fonts.

Online Admin

Manage all of your user access and font distribution through a convenient online web interface. Easily control who has access to add, remove, export, and output fonts automatically.

Font License Tracking

Assign font access to workgroups based on license and usage counts available in Universal Type Server to prevent illegal overuse. Compliance status information also helps you keep unlicensed fonts out of your workflow.

Font Panels

Deliver access to all of your fonts in Adobe Creative Cloud through integrated font panels, including your system fonts, purchased fonts, fonts synced from Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts, and more.

Font Auto-Activation

Simply open a file and the exact versions of the fonts used in it will turn on. Get font auto-activation in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InCopy, and QuarkXPress.

Exact Font Matching

Minimize inconsistencies and font errors with Extensis’ proprietary Font Sense technology, which provides unique identifiers to every font in your collection and guarantees correct usage across your projects.

Robust Font Usage Reporting

A library of graphic and configurable reports deliver an unparalleled window into font usage by your teams, helping you analyze and plan your licensing strategy and make cost-saving decisions.

User Client Options

The Universal Type Client and Type Core Client let you provide the right tools for the different types of font users in your organization while helping you ensure font usage compliance and brand consistency.

Solutions for Specific Workflows

Universal Type Server ensures fonts are accessible for automated publishing workflows that use Adobe InDesign Server with FontLink; and for PDF prepress and printing workflows that use Esko’s ArtPro+ with a Font Connector.

Directory Services

Manage users through LDAP integration using Active Directory.

Reliable Updates

Prompt updates ensure compatibility with Adobe, QuarkXPress, Apple, and Microsoft, preventing costly downtime.

Flexible Deployment

Universal Type Server can support physical or virtual file server instances, and can be installed on-premise or off-premise and deployed on AWS, Rackspace, Azure, or other cloud servers.

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