Where They Started

Prior to implementing a font management solution, The Chronicle IT team loaded fonts on each individual machine. When they purchased a new font, they had to load the font on every workstation in the office. This required coordinating the installation with the user, often requiring IT to work over lunch or after hours.

With 80 users across four departments, this was a tedious, time-consuming operation. Over time, it took its toll. So they decided to put an end to it and went in search of a font management solution.

Their Goals

  • Reduce demand on IT
  • Manage team access to licensed fonts based on workgroups


Centralized Font Management

Being involved in academia, The Chronicle team naturally “read up” on the topic. They needed to find a system that would:

  • Centralize their fonts into a single, secure location, ensuring that everyone on the team has access to the same licensed fonts
  • Manage multiple font collections for different types of workgroups, while providing efficient user access
  • Integrate into a cross-platform environment
  • Offer easy server configuration and management for the IT group

Testing the Extensis font management products, The Chronicle found a good match for their font distribution and management needs. Proceeding with a full implementation and deployment across the organization, Universal Type Server currently runs on a Mac Mini that serves 80 users.

The Results

Since deploying Universal Type Server, The Chronicle has:


Countless hours


Fonts based on workgroups


Demand on IT

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+ Customer Testimonial

The Chronicle is saving a significant amount of time by not having to load fonts machine by machine. Managing our fonts now takes almost no time at all.

- Steve Smith

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