Font Tracking and Compliance -

Font Tracking and Compliance

Keep Your Team Safe and Legal

Examine Your Font Spending

New fonts are developed faster than the seasons change, and you know that your team is always looking for a new a font wardrobe.

Now you can ensure that the fonts you purchase are actually being used and you’re getting a good value for your font license investment

You may even be able to reduce some of your recurring font licensing subscription costs if fonts in the collection aren’t being used.

Get the full picture of your team’s font usage with diagnostic reports in Universal Type Server. You’ll get a big return on your investment.

Keep Your Team Safe

It’s easy for your team to inadvertently put you, your clients and your organization at risk with font use.

Universal Type Server® keeps your team safe by giving font access to the right people all the while keeping unlicensed fonts out.

Ensure that your users legally have access to the fonts they need to get the job done.

  1. Maintain accurate font license records
  2. Enforce font license compliance
  3. Keep unlicensed fonts out of your workflow

White Paper: The Hidden Risks of Font Misuse Survey Report

We surveyed a wide variety of creative professionals to learn their understanding of font licensing, font management, and how their actions (deliberate or inadvertent) can create risky situations. Their responses are analyzed in our survey report.

Check Out the Report

Learn More About Font Compliance

Download more information to share with your colleagues about font compliance.

Download the Font Compliance Report