Digital Asset Management Systems for Government -

Digital Asset Management Systems for Government

Extensis Portfolio enables government agencies to work smarter

Working Smarter With Digital Asset Management In Governmental Agencies

Teams in government are often challenged to complete large tasks with an often minimal budget and IT support. With these tasks inevitably comes a large amount of creative output—images, documents, videos and other files—all of which need to be efficiently stored, distributed and archived. An effective digital asset management solution will cover all of these needs, offer easy installation and configuration, and do it within budget.

Extensis Portfolio Works With You

Extensis Portfolio™ is a digital asset management system that helps teams centralize, find, manage, and convert photography, documents, videos, presentations and any file that your team creates.

Extensis Portfolio Is:

  • Quick to install and easy to use, even without much IT support.
  • Centralized. Manage and preserve assets with one tool.
  • Connected. Share data about your asset catalog with other tools using simple import/export tools.
  • Easy to customize. Track metadata related to your assets to standardize data tracking.
  • A redundancy reducer. Store only the highest quality asset and convert on-the-fly to other sizes and formats, removing the need to create and store unnecessary duplicates.
  • Your self-service portal. Enable self-service access to assets for other agencies and groups, both internal and external.
  • Access Control. Allow multiple access levels for different departments.
  • A streamlining tool for appraising, vetting and selecting with ease. Portfolio has dedicated views to aide in workflow ramp up.

Extensis Portfolio Is Not:

  • Complex. We give you usable core DAM features and leave the rest to others.
  • Expensive. Portfolio allows you stay on budget.
  • Rigid. Portfolio easily conforms to your workflow and environment. We don’t force you to use a prescribed workflow.
  • Confusing. You don’t need a DAM expert to get started with Portfolio.
  • Third Party dependent. Say goodbye to file sharing services. Portfolio has integrated ways to share with no monthly fees.

Extensis Portfolio Customers

Case Study: Canadian Defence Research and Development

“Previously we saved multiple formats of each original file,” said James Clark, Photographer, Defence Research and Development Canada. “Now we use Portfolio Server’s built-in media engine to instantly convert files into any format as needed; reducing the amount of time we spend cataloging and converting images.”

“The system makes our work easier by ensuring that files are backed up to one location, and that everyone gets the files they need,” added Jim Clark. “Our main research centre holds our image catalog and NetPublish sites are used to automatically provide self-service distribution of approved assets to personnel.”