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Adobe Ends All Support For PostScript Type 1 Fonts In January 2023—Across The Board, Everywhere

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Let Us Help You Prepare For The PostScript
Type 1 Fonts End Of Support

A guide for awesome creatives who want to learn more and protect their work.

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When Is Adobe Ending Support For PostScript Type 1 Fonts?

Adobe ends support for Type 1 fonts this January 2023. Indeed, the end of support is coming up quick.

What Is A PostScript Type 1 Font Anyway?

A PostScript Type 1 font is a font file type created by Adobe in 1984 that became wildly popular because it rendered the same on both printers and computer screens. While that makes Type 1 fonts super old and their recent purchase unlikely, they’re still in your files. Pretty much guaranteed.

Some examples of PostScript Type 1 fonts are Courier, Helvetica, Times New Roman…yup, those ones.

Say, Are “PostScript Fonts” And “Type 1 Fonts” The Same Thing?

Yes, “PostScript fonts” And “Type 1 fonts” are the same thing:  Nerd out about it here.

What Happens To My Files And Documents When Support For PostScript Ends?

Here is an outline of what happens to your files and documents when support for PostScript ends:

  • Adobe applications will no longer recognize PostScript Fonts.
  • That means you can’t create content using Type 1 fonts after January 2023.
  • More importantly, existing Adobe files utilizing Type 1 fonts created before January 2023 will NOT be editable without replacing the font.

    When you try, you’ll receive the dreaded “missing font” error, annoying “link” or “re-link” alert, agitating warning triangles, or even blue banners of doom—depending on what program you’re using. Ugh.
  • Sure, embedded Type 1 data can be placed for display or printing…but editing will set off alarms that require immediate attention (i.e. interrupt your workflow big time).
  • PDFs with embedded Type 1 fonts will display as expected. Non-embedded fonts will be replaced in two ways: (a.) by a font that ships with Acrobat or is your operating system’s default; or (b.) by Acrobat’s font substitution table and the available fonts on your system.

    However, when a viewer other than Acrobat is used in a web browser, “Adobe can’t control what will happen.

What Is The Likelihood My Font Libraries Contain Type 1 Fonts?

The likelihood your font libraries contain Type 1 fonts is very high. When reviewing our customer font database of over 7 million fonts, we discovered that 25% are PostScript Type 1. And considering the average creative’s font library contains about 4500 fonts…that means you potentially have 1,125 PostScript Type 1 fonts you need to decide how to handle.

Okay, Now What? Connect Fonts and Connect Assets Has Your Solution

You’re in the right place! Our decades-long obsession with font management means we can help you protect
your work before Adobe removes support for Type 1 fonts in January 2023.

Let’s Do This Thing—Get Ready For The End Of Type 1 Support

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