Deliver the Highest Visual Quality, With Any Connection

Complex GIS imagery can require tremendous time and bandwidth — both for those serving it up and those attempting to view it.

Express Server intelligently extracts and delivers only the pixels being viewed at a specific moment. This dramatically reduces the time required to display an image. Massive data files can be streamed and viewed quickly and easily, without time-consuming downloads or delays.

Clients, user bases, and the general public can access the geospatial imagery you provide without needing specialized technology.

Serve Up and Share High-Resolution Data Anywhere

Express Server allows any device or connection to access the raster files and LiDAR point clouds you serve up. Industry-standard protocols assure compatibility with virtually all GIS applications, so no special training is needed.

The Fastest Way to Serve up Geospatial Images and LiDAR

Deliver the geospatial data your users need, when and where they need it.

Express Server Manager
Install and configure this GIS data server without ever touching the command line. Use the Express Server Manager to create image catalogs, browse files, set custom projections, and more.
Flexible Display Options
Change the order of image bands, control download options, or change projections. All it takes is a few clicks to customize how you want your images to be displayed.
Multispectral Imagery Support
Express Server lets you use the latest MrSID format to host your multispectral imagery and have full control over which bands to distribute to your users.
Support for Multiple Image Resolutions
Extract and deliver only the pixels you need for faster display and reduced server load to view imagery at all resolutions without storage intensive image pyramids. Scenes display the instant you zoom.
Customizable Web Applications
Leverage the open-source software delivered with Express Server, including customizable CSS, JavaScript, Leaflet, and the Tomcat-based ExpressZip.
Room to Grow
Built-in tools for synchronizing catalog information between multiple servers mean you can easily add another to your server farm for load balancing or in heavy traffic situations.

Integrate with Established Applications

It’s easy to integrate Express Server into your current workflow — all you need is a WMS client.

Use the included open standard WMS API for seamless integration with existing application, apply our own custom built API optimized for MrSID files, or customize our built-in user interface to match your current website.

Reduce Storage Costs

Express Server is optimized for serving out compressed images in MrSID, JPEG 2000, LAZ, and other compressed formats.
It reads and serves imagery directly from your compressed files, reducing storage and bandwidth costs.

See Express Server in Action