The Unparalleled Value of Universal Type Server

Tara Storozynsky
September 3, 2020

Here at Extensis, we know font management. We’ve been helping creatives wrangle their font collections for decades. We also know that sometimes, font management is bigger than any one person or project. Many organizations will require an enterprise-level font management solution that optimizes workflow and supports effective font licensing compliance.

We created Universal Type Server (UTS) to holistically solve the challenges of enterprise font management. UTS lets you connect teams of any size and distribute fonts throughout your network as needed. As users receive fonts, they can manage them through either a fully-featured client or a streamlined client, depending on their roles and responsibilities. But one of the most important benefits of Universal Type Server is something that most users never see, use, or even know about — supporting font compliance.

Fonts for Everyone Who Needs Them

Universal Type Server is a robust font server which can be on-premise or used in cloud-based server applications such as AWS or Azure. It allows you to connect teams of all sizes and distribute the right fonts to the right people for every project. Instead of laboriously installing fonts on separate devices, UTS delivers them to your end-users quickly and efficiently. It even provides options for bundling fonts for output, so your creative team can share fonts with third parties when they need to review assets.

Make Your Creative Workflow Better

Designers handle a tremendous volume of tasks on a daily basis, and their time is precious. Universal Type Server empowers them to organize fonts in the way that’s most compatible with their unique workflows. Your team can find exactly what they need, when they need it. Our unique FontSense tool can match fonts precisely, going beyond naming conventions to flawlessly identify the exact versions of fonts you need for consistency.

Creatives can save time by using our auto-activation plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy, After Effects, Illustrato), Sketch, and QuarkXPress.

Everything They Need and Nothing They Don’t

At the core of Universal Type Server is our dedication to improving creative workflows. This comes in handy for anyone on your team who needs robust, fully-featured font management, from graphic designers to UX designers. But the truth is that not everyone needs intricate, fully-featured font management. Many folks only need light font management to access the right fonts for different projects, such as PowerPoint presentations, social media posts, sales quotes, and reports.

Universal Type Server offers two types of clients — the fully-featured Universal Type Client and the streamlined Universal Core Client. By providing two different clients for distinct user sets, UTS manages to flexibly give your users the precise font management tools they need, for the jobs they need to do.

Advanced Reporting to Support Font Compliance

What fonts are your team using? How are they using them? It might seem trivial, but these details are critical when you consider the fact that improper font use can lead to litigation. When large organizations take on projects, it’s easy for improperly licensed fonts to creep into workflow due to the high volume of individuals using fonts on a daily basis. Oftentimes, improper font use is entirely unintentional — and it’s very preventable. Supporting font compliance is one of the pillars of enterprise font management.

Universal Type Server provides robust font use reporting, allowing you to track font license use throughout your organization. With routine monitoring, it’s easy to spot licensing issues early and quickly reduce your risk of litigation. That’s why many companies choose Universal Type Server to improve workflow and restore peace of mind.

Universal Type Server doesn’t just manage your organization’s fonts. It improves font use at every level. From IT distributing fonts and maintaining corporate security, to individual designers’ workflows, this enterprise font management solution empowers you to use typography to its full potential.


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