Behind the Scenes: Suitcase Fusion 9

Amy Chan
October 16, 2018
3 min read

One of my favorite parts of this job is the time I get to spend with the development team. I get to see in real-time what the engineers are developing and hear what they’re proud of as they demo their progress in their sprint reviews. I also enjoy taking a step back and hearing about the history of our products and the vision for them. I got that chance the other day when I sat down with Clint Daeuble, Product Owner for Suitcase Fusion and Suitcase TeamSync, to talk about the new Suitcase Fusion 9.

As an Extensis team member for the last 20 years, with the last 5 years focused on leading the development of Suitcase Fusion and Suitcase TeamSync, Clint definitely has a keen perspective on the users he’s building for and the goals he’s trying to help them achieve.

Clint agreed to answer some questions to share his thoughts about the new Suitcase Fusion 9.

1. What was your vision for this new version?

We want to provide users with organizational tools to manage their entire font collection but also give them insight into the fonts they have actually used. We have always provided the ability to do auto-activation of fonts in Adobe applications, which is an incredible workflow time saver. What we haven't done is complete the loop and provide users with a view of their actual font usage.

The core functionality of Suitcase Fusion provides organization and general utility when working with fonts. Auto-activation adds another layer to workflow efficiency by allowing users to open documents without first needing to remember and activate the fonts used in that document. Suitcase Fusion 9 provides users with critical insight into their daily workflow. With our easy to use document tracking feature in Suitcase Fusion 9 you can see exactly what fonts you have used in a document.

2. For whom and what user needs did you build it?

This is primarily designed for single users and users in small teams who want a view into the work they’ve created in the past. So, the feature set is focused on providing a user with relevant information about document types, number of fonts used, and a visual representation of the actual fonts saved in a document. All without the end-user needing to modify their workflow or do anything to enable the feature.

3. What new capabilities and updates are you most excited about?

Expanding the feature set of Suitcase Fusion 9 to include Document Tracking has me most excited. One of the coolest parts of the Document Tracking feature is the ability to not only see what fonts are used in a document but also select a font and see all the documents that font has been used in.

There has always been a hole in the font workflow when it comes to font management, where we’ve just used font management tools to find and access fonts. Now, we can have insight and work from the perspective of the documents we’ve already created, as well. That’s pretty cool to me.

I am super excited for Suitcase Fusion 9 and we have a lot of ideas for the future! Please let us know what you think by sharing your ideas with us through our Request Form. We’re always listening.

4. Any special tips you have for users to try in this release?

  • You can drag and drop a folder of supported documents and collected fonts onto Suitcase Fusion and it will start managing both.
  • You can use QuickMatch to find a matching font in Suitcase Fusion directly from a tracked document.
  • Clicking on a tracked document and selected Collect for Output will export all the fonts used in the document without the need to open the document in the parent application.
  • Updated views, sorting and previewing options give you full control over your font collection.

Along with Document Tracking, Suitcase Fusion 9 also supports Adobe Creative Cloud 2019, so your auto-activation plug-ins and Extensis Panels continue to be compatible with the newest versions of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and InCopy. Plus, Suitcase Fusion 9 also supports 64-bit Mac and Windows operating systems.




Amy Chan – Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Amy Chan is a tenured marketing leader with more than two decades developing brands, campaigns, and go to market strategies for a diverse spectrum of technology solutions. In her current role at Extensis, Amy leads the marketing initiatives for the company’s Digital Asset, Font, and Image Management lines of business. These solutions are used by creative teams and agencies across the globe, giving her an acute view into creative workflows, the challenges and needs of this community, and the important role technology can play in making productivity a competitive advantage. In her free time, Amy dabbles in travel, landscape, and food photography, gets lost in the rabbit hole of YouTube animal videos, and is attempting to make Instagram stars of her own tabby cat and Froston (French Bulldog + Boston Terrier), #Murph&Beans. She does also venture outside to garden and for casual bikes rides and event-hopping around the city.