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For close to three decades, we’ve created tools that help streamline the creative workflow. Our font management system, Suitcase Fusion, has helped thousands of creative professionals organize, search, and optimize their font libraries.

But we’ve realized that font management isn’t enough on its own. For a lot of creatives, fonts have been considered somehow separate from other digital assets—think images, illustrations, logos, videos—and therefore kept in a special place of their own.

But really, fonts are a digital asset that impact a brand’s perception. They’re part of the creative workflow and need to be managed as such.

So we’ve been looking for ways to bring font management and asset management together into a single, intuitive platform that makes sharing across teams, collaborating between creatives, and working with clients easier than ever.

Meet Extensis Connect™, the latest innovation in digital asset management. Extensis Connect is two powerful products, available in one place: Connect Fonts™, our newest desktop and cloud-based font management system, and Connect Assets™, a simple, easy-to-use cloud-based digital asset system. Manage assets any place, any, time—minus the on-site server headaches, and without need for a VPN.

Both come with the benefits of single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication: no repetitive signing in, control over who has access to which data, time saved managing multiple users, proven authentication processes and additional security with the identity provider (IdP) already in use, and strong resistance to cyber attacks.


The Future Of Font Management Is Here

Font choices can make or break great design. From art to marketing to journalism, fonts pack the punch and transform work from acceptable to exceptional.

But managing fonts can be tricky—not only can you acquire fonts from multiple sources, but you must keep track of font licenses to keep you and your clients in good standing.

We’ve been leading the charge in font management for nearly three decades, creating software to make it easier to search and organize fonts from any foundry in a way that makes sense for your business.

Connect Fonts took the most popular features of Suitcase Fusion and Suitcase TeamSync, and made them more intuitive, more powerful, and more collaborative. Here’s how.

More Flexibility

Connect Fonts’ new cloud accessibility makes sharing fonts between team members or with clients fast and collaboration on products streamlined. The added security of automatic backup protection and cloud-based storage means no hunting for files, duplicate versions, or forgetting to hit the ‘save’ button.


A More Design-Friendly Interface

We wanted to give designers something beautiful to work in. We’ve made a few changes to the overall look and feel and made it easier to navigate. We’ve also fine-tuned the backend for administrators working behind the scenes.

More Granular Search Options

Before, searching for fonts could be a bit of a chore. You had to have certain information about a font to find it, like the font type, name, or family. But now, you can use more abstract search terms like adjectives or genres, resulting in better search results.


Custom Tagging For Improved Findability

We’ve expanded our tagging system to include customizable tags for organization that works for you. Now, you can tag fonts in whatever way will help you find it later. This could be by project or by client, by the day of the week you found the font, by your name—you get the picture.

More Accurate Font Pairing

Looking for body copy font that goes nicely with your title font? We’ve tweaked our font pairing algorithm not only for accuracy, but also inspiration, so that you can find that perfect font match.




Digital Asset Management Made Simple

Managing digital assets like images, logos, graphics, illustrations, icons, and video can suck up a lot of work time (and personal time, too). So we’ve updated our digital asset manager, Connect Assets, with improvements designed to streamline the workflow and make it easier to stay organized.

Manage Your Assets Anywhere

Our upgrade to the cloud means you can keep a project moving no matter where you are. From your couch to the airport lounge to an Adirondack in the Alps, your files can go where you go. Cloud accessibility also makes it easier to connect and collaborate with other fleet-footed creatives and clients halfway around the globe.

One Platform To Rule Them All

Using multiple DAM platforms to manage your assets can bring any workflow to a screeching halt. Connect Assets ends the siloes and becomes your single asset repository. And migration is as easy as drag-and-drop.

Smart Keywords For Better Searches

Do you have a specific image in mind for your project? Connect Assets has a higher volume and greater accuracy of keywords that apply automatically for faster searches and easier sorting. So if you’re looking for something like “children with puppies” or “fast cars,” it’ll help you discover the perfect image for the job.




And This Is Just The Beginning…

We have some fantastic enhancements in the works right now that will make Extensis Connect even more powerful. Things that’ll improve tighter collaboration and approval processes, simpler sharing, and asset tracking.

Follow us on our social channels for sneak peeks about the latest and greatest updates as they drop.


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