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The Doctor Is (Built) In

Take the work out of locating, diagnosing, and repairing the most common font problems. FontDoctor works in conjunction with Suitcase Fusion™ to provide superior corruption and repair capabilities.

FREE with purchase of Suitcase Fusion

FontDoctor goes a step beyond the corruption and repair capabilities of Suitcase Fusion. Use FontDoctor to:

  • Generate detailed reports about bad fonts
  • Weed out improperly organized font suitcases
  • Re-sort fonts into alphabetical folders for safekeeping and backup

A Prescription for Better Organization

Powerful organization features allow you to sort and clean-up existing font folders. Organize your font library by font name, family name, alphabetically, or find a categorization option that works best for you.

Detailed Font Comparisons

Not sure which font to use for a project? FontDoctor can help you compare fonts down to the finest details to determine which font is newer, from a specific Type Foundry, or other details that will help make your decision easy.