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Current version:

9.5.4 (released 11 January 2018)

Version 9.5.4

  • On Windows, the library is built without /Zc:wchar_t- so wchar_t is now a compile defined type, which is the VS default behavior. The /Zc:wchar_t- option is not required to link with wide string methods in LTFileSpec.
  • Added LTIImage::getMetadataBlob(type, stream) to get XMP or EXIF metadata stored in MrSID, JPEG, and TIFF files.
  • BMPImageWriter supports writing images with an alpha band.
  • TIFFImageWriter now allows the the user to set the “endianness” of the output file.
  • Added utility methods:
    • In LIIImage: Added getNumBandsWithoutAlpha()
    • In LTIPixel: Added setNonAlphaSampleValuesFromDouble(), setSampleValuesFromPixel(), and setNonAlphaSampleValuesFromPixel()
    • In LTIOStreamInf: Added readString()

Version 9.1

Floating Point Support for MrSID Generation 4
  • Added support for reading floating point images saved to the MrSID Generation 4 format. These images are created with the quantization compression type, a lossy compression method that reduces the precision of pixel values in the image.
  • Added metadata tags for images created with the quantization compression method.

Version 9.0

Multi-Processor Support:

See the User Manual for information about multi-processor support. The TBB shared object must be distributed.

  • In MrSIDImageReader, MG3SingleImageReader, MG4SingleImageReader, MrSIDImageStageManager: Added getMaxWorkerThreads() and setMaxWorkerThreads(). See the User Manual for information about the multi-processor support.
  • In J2KImageReader: Added support for reading GMLJP2 files.
  • Removed support for Solaris.
  • In mrsiddecode and mrsidinfo: On Unix, lib/ must be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  • In LTIImageStage: Added getPipelineInfo() to query the pipeline for its properties. This will only affect persons that have derived subclasses of LTIImageStage, LTIImageFilter, or LTIImageReader.
  • In LTIImageReader: Added getSourceName() to improve some error messages. This will only affect persons that have derived subclasses of LTIImageReader.
  • In LTIScene: Added constructor that takes LTIGeomIntRect and magnification.