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Current version: 1.1.4 (released January 2017)

Version 1.1.4

(released January 2017)

  • On Windows, the library is bulit without /Zc:wchar_t- so wchar_t is now a compile defined type, which is the VS default behavior. The /Zc:wchar_t- option is not required to link with wide string methods in FileIO and Version.
  • SDK class no longer override the new and delete operators. This alows users of the SDK to override new.
  • Added support for new LAS 1.4 channels ScannerChannel, ClassFlags, and NearInfrared.
  • Added ProgressDelegate::displayWarning(), which is an optional override, it is called with informitive messages.
  • Added PointInfo::init() methods for building PointInfo object that have a subset of channels of a given PointInfo or PointData object.

Version 1.1.3

(released December 2015)

  • Changed IO and FileIO classes. Subclasses of IO are now responsible for making IO::open() and IO::close() thread safe. This will only affect derived sub-classes of IO. See the file lidar/IO.h for more information.
  • Added a new GPS time channel. Replaced the CHANNEL_NAME_GPSTime macro with CHANNEL_NAME_GPSTime_Week and added CHANNEL_NAME_GPSTime_Adjusted. GPSTIme_Week is the number of seconds since midnight Sunday. GPSTime_Adjusted is the satellite GPS Time minus 1×109.

Version 1.1.1

(released December 2010)

  • Turned the SDK library into a DLL and removed the static version.
  • Turned Bounds::Huge into a function Bounds::Huge().

Version 1.1.0

(released March 2010)

  • Revised file format (MG4 to support lossless floating point compression.
  • Added PointInfo class to replace the (ChannelInfo[], length) idiom.
    1.0.1: iter = reader->createIterator(bounds, 1.0, reader->getChannelInfo(),
    reader->getNumChannels(), NULL);

    1.1.0: iter = reader->createIterator(bounds, 1.0, reader->getPointInfo(), NULL);
  • Removed LTLogMessage functions. The information can be retrieved from the Error object.
  • Added experimental SWIG-based C#, Python and Ruby bindings to the contributions directory.
  • Robustness improvements to viewer application.

Version 1.0.1

(released September 2009)

  • Revised file format (MG4 to support faster decodes.

Version 1.0.0

(released July 2009)

  • This is the first public release of the LiDAR SDK.