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Where They Started

With video soaring as the content medium of choice, The Onion’s post-production team is chartered with producing 300-500 videos per month, ranging from editorial to sponsored content.

Fonts play an integral role in this video production workflow, with a variety of the teams of 40+ members utilizing fonts. The motion graphics team selects fonts, art direction approves styles and looks, and writers and editors also help choose and apply styles.

In order to meet their high production volume, it became critical to have a solution that would provide everyone with access to the full collection of fonts.

Their Goals

  • Accelerate production workflows
  • Provide centralized access to font collection
  • Establish a tracking system for font purchasing and usage rights


Rick Livingston, Director of Post Production at The Onion, took the reins of the team’s font solution, implementing Universal Type Server to centralize their collection.

Using Universal Type Server, Livingston can immediately distribute fonts to the team, a significant time savings from the previous process of loading fonts onto computers one by one.

Livingston also uses Universal Type Server to track font purchases and usage rights, ensuring the team has all the fonts they need and are using them appropriately.

The Results

Since deploying Universal Type Server, The Onion has:


Significant time through automatic font distribution


Video production workflows


Compliance and proper font usage

See Universal Type Server in Action

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+ Customer Testimonial

Universal Type Server really helped us accelerate our workflow from the start instead of having to jump from computer to computer to make sure that each machine has the necessary fonts.

- Rick Livingston

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