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Where They Started

Initially, NUA deployed a free font management solution. In time, the University found it was not keeping adequate track of fonts. As each student typically wanted to work with their own fonts, keeping track of them as they moved around the networked computer resources became challenging. Students working on a project using fonts available to them in one resource found that they were not available to them on other NUA computers.

NUA realized free was coming with too high of a price and went in search for a new solution.

Their Goals

  • Increase flexibility across the campus
  • Maintain a strong element of control to ensure compliance, while not disrupting print and production
  • Deploy cost-effective solution to manage their font licenses, while keeping the workflow moving and supporting creative freedom.


After exploring different options, NUA opted for Universal Type Server. One of the deciding criteria was its ability to allow the system administrator to grant privileges on a user-by-user basis. This would enable each student to install their own sets of fonts, while at the same time ensure that system fonts were protected.

The Results

Since deploying Universal Type Server, NUA now has the perfect balance of both ‘freedom’ and ‘control’.


Flexibility and control


Font license management


Anytime, anywhere font access

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+ Customer Testimonial

Universal Type Server ensures that as students move from computer to computer within the NUA digital resources and printing facilities, they have the fonts they need available wherever they log in.

Universal Type Server’s ability to offer protected system fonts, combined at the same time as allowing users to have personal workgroups, ensures that everything works as designed and the University can ensure that everyone has access to the purchased font collections.

- Kirk Laws-Chapman

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