Where They Started

With a large collection of fonts, M&C Saatchi requires a professional, server-based font management solution to manage them.

Initially, the IT team selected a competitive font management solution, which on paper appeared to include all of the features they required. The competitive solution was rolled out to approximately 80 users within the business.

After a few months, Mario Ruggiero, Senior IT Analyst, was prompted to look for an alternative. They had a number of complaints from the creative users in the studio who were frustrated by a lack of options, specifically in collecting groups of fonts for output.

As time went on, this became an increasing issue, compounded by a variety of other missing features that were critical to their work. It was time to make a change.

Their Goals

  • Increase font management functionality
  • Improve ways to collect groups of fonts for output
  • Ensure font compliance across all departments and client work


On the recommendation of a colleague who had previously used Universal Type Server, a trial version was downloaded. At the end of the trial, it was clear to see that Universal Type Server was able to solve their problems and the solution was purchased and deployed.

The Results

Since making the switch to Universal Type Server, M&C Saatchi is now able to ensure font compliance and consistency across client work. They are also able to manage users by syncing via the active directory, ensuring there is zero conflict.

The single sign-on (SSO) feature within Universal Type Client ensures that as users log-in to their systems, they also automatically log-in in to Universal Type Client without having to remember a different set of passwords.


Font compliance across all departments


User management



See Universal Type Server in Action

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+ Customer Testimonial

A bonus feature in making the switch to the Extensis solution was Universal Type Servers’ support for SSO. It’s something that all of the users have grown to really appreciate.

- Mario Ruggiero

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