Where They Started

Within M&C Saatchi’s UK office, there is a large core group of creative designers who work on different client projects, but still need to collaborate across the entire team. And these creatives use a lot of fonts.

With such a large collection of fonts, M&C Saatchi needed a way to organize and distribute their fonts to the right people in their organization. At first, their IT team selected another font management solution for 80 of their team members. But after a few months, Senior IT Analyst Mario Ruggiero was prompted to look for an alternative.

Their creative users were frustrated by a lack of capabilities, specifically in collecting groups of fonts for output. Without these options, it became more and more difficult to collaborate on client projects and share their work with the rest of the team.

As time went on, M&C Saatchi creatives identified several additional missing features that were hampering their workflow. It was time to make a change.

Their Goals

  • Increase font management capabilities
  • Find better ways to collect groups of fonts for output
  • Ensure font compliance across all departments and client work
  • Improve collaboration through better font management


M&C Saatchi explored Extensis’s enterprise font management solution Universal Type Serve on the recommendation of one of their team members who had previously used the system. When they realized they could address all their font management challenges with Universal Type Server — and that the system could scale with them as they grew — they joined the Extensis family.

The Results

Since making the switch to Universal Type Server, M&C Saatchi is now able to ensure font compliance and consistency across all their client work. Universal Type Server makes it much easier for them to collect fonts for output, and they are also able to manage users by syncing via the active directory, ensuring there is zero conflict.

Universal Type Client, the client application of Universal Type Server, also has single sign-on (SSO). With single sign-on, when users login to their systems, they also automatically login in to Universal Type Client without having to remember a different set of passwords. This makes everyone more efficient.


Font compliance across all departments


User management



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+ Customer Testimonial

A bonus feature in making the switch to the Extensis solution was Universal Type Servers’ support for SSO. It’s something that all of the users have grown to really appreciate.

- Mario Ruggiero

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