Where They Started

Critical to Journeys International’s marketing is visual storytelling, which requires tens of thousands of images to convey their extraordinary adventures via their website, blogs, eNewsletters, and print materials.

An early adopter of digital asset management, Journeys International has been using Extensis Portfolio to manage their digital assets for more than a decade. Like many organizations, Journeys International’s biggest challenge was having the time to add keywords, the underpinning of asset discoverability. The team had to rely on what was automatically being added from filenames, parent folders, and via keywords applied to groups in Adobe Bridge.

While a start, these keywords weren’t always meaningful, requiring the team to add more specific keywords manually — a cumbersome task they didn’t always have time for.

Their Goals

  • Save time by having what they need at their fingertips
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase asset discoverability by applying more specific keywords to each image


Portfolio with Automated Keywording

Journeys International took advantage of Portfolio’s artificial intelligence-powered image recognition to apply “Smart Keywords” automatically.

The team started small, applying Smart Keywords to individual folders of less than 500 images. Realizing the relevance of the keywords that were returning, the team went all in. In less than a day, Smart Keywords returned the specific types of keywords Journeys International was looking for in relation to the visual content of the photos.

The Results

Since deploying Portfolio more than a decade ago, the core functionality alone has streamlined the team's work and saved them several hours a week. Over time, this has saved thousands of dollars by reducing image search times and increasing the use of their full collection.

The recent addition of Smart Keywords extended this value by applying image-specific keywords to all of their photos in less than a day, making it even faster to find files.


Photos tagged

2 - 3

Hours saved per week


Of dollars saved

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+ Customer Testimonial

We’ve used Portfolio for many years to manage and access our growing digital image collection. The addition of the Smart Keyword module has advanced that management to a new level of efficiency.

- Tom Osburn

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