Where They Started

With the transformation of stations Grandi Stazioni Rail found themselves with a growing archive of photographs and technical documentation that in itself was quite complex to manage.

These digital assets related to different projects, building works, and different geographic locations. They also shared their own complex relationships with each other. In time it became clear that a system to manage these relationships, and how their digital assets ‘interconnect’ was not only necessary but also strategically important.

The challenge was to not only allow internal operators quick and easy access to their collections but to also allow access to approved digital content for external partners and contractors, upon request.

BG & Partners, a long time Extensis reseller with offices in Rome and Milan, has been working with Grandi Stazioni Rail for many years and recomended the company use Extensis Portfolio.

This suggestion timetabled a solution to the company’s immediate needs as well as lending itself to future developments and integrations with the Portfolio API.

Their Goals

  • Optimize their digital asset catalog management based on different image resolution levels.
  • Assign an internal hierarchy of access privileges for different types of users.
  • Find a flexible and easy to implement solution able to manage different assets in the future.
  • Automate the creation of users.
  • Greater speed and accuracy of photo search
  • Simplified management


In November 2018, Grandi Stazioni Rail implemented Extensis Portfolio within their Development Infrastructure and IT Service department.

This implementation was carried out between Grandi Stazioni Rail and BG & Partners (the specialized reseller) whilst being supported by PICO (the Exensis distributor in Italy). Together they developed a solution that allowed the automatic generation of assets in three different sizes. This granted the company the possibility to automatically catalogue and upload assets in three different resolutions: low, mid and original.

Access level permissions to Grandi Stazioni Rail’s installation of Portfolio were set up by the IT team, using integration with Active Directory. This resulted in the company providing immediate access to the right content, to the right people automatically.

Since its introduction, the company’s needs have evolved and other add-on modules were coupled to their Portfolio.

Today, Grandi Stazioni Rail’s DAM solution includes Extensis Portfolio Digital Asset Management; NetPublish, for asset sharing; Portfolio API for integration with other platforms and Portfolio Media Engine for more complex file conversion and dynamic watermarking options.

The Results

The way in which Grandi Stazioni Rail organised their digital files has moved from a relatively simple hierarchical folder structure to a sophisticated metadata platform, made with custom fields designed to capture a variety of references. The focus is on accessibility, the power of search, and differing user access levels and management of privileges.

Flexibility and reliability were the key points for Grandi Stazioni Rail in choosing Extensis Portfolio. These, together with the invaluable consultancy support of BG & Partner and PICO, allowed Grandi Stazioni Rail to implement a solution fitted to their needs and laying the groundwork for future developments in different sectors of interest (for example in the fields of cartography and GIS).

Portfolio has made Grandi Stazioni Rail’s digital assets more accessible and optimised. Use is simple and immediate, with automation of file exports at different resolutions an important time saver, as this was previously a manual process.


Efficiency in finding and sharing files


Storage costs, time spent and risk of user mistakes


Integration with other solutions for future developments

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+ Customer Testimonial

We are still in an initial phase of tuning. However, the approach was very positive. We have already used other DAMs. Portfolio is superior in asset management, has more features and is more versatile. Its functionalities are combined with our needs.

- Marco Bonelli

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