Portland, OR — July 13, 2016

Extensis and Clarifai Form Strategic Partnership to Bring Image Recognition to Digital Asset Management

Extensis® announced today it is partnering with Clarifai, a leading artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition, solving real-world problems for businesses and developers alike. The companies are integrating Clarifai’s visual recognition technology into Extensis digital asset management solution – Extensis Portfolio® 2016 – enabling customers to automate ‘intelligent’ image keywording with a simple click of a button. Further details of the integration will be released in the weeks ahead.

“Keywords are the underpinning of what make digital asset management solutions effective. Without them, you just have a sea of files and this will help make sense of the chaos in many customer environments,” said Toby Martin, Vice President of Development & Strategy at Extensis. “Through our work with Clarifai, we’re automating the keywording process so customers have a strong base to work from within seconds.”

“Digital Asset Management is the perfect application for Clarifai’s powerful visual recognition technology, as it’s all about identifying the characteristics of an image and categorizing them appropriately, faster,” said Matthew Zeiler, founder & CEO of Clarifai. “By accelerating the keywording process through intelligent visual recognition, Extensis customers will be ten steps ahead when it comes to getting the most out of their digital assets.”

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About Clarifai

“Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition, solving real-world problems for businesses and developers alike. Founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler, a foremost expert in computer vision, Clarifai has been a market leader since winning the top five places in image classification at the ImageNet 2013 competition. Clarifai’s powerful image and video recognition technology is built on the most advanced machine learning systems and made easily accessible by a clean API, empowering developers and businesses all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.”

About Extensis

Celebrating more than two decades in business, Extensis® is a leading developer of software and services for creative professionals and workgroups. Their solutions streamline workflows, securely manage digital assets and fonts, and control corporate typographic branding. Used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies, Extensis’ award-winning server and desktop products include: Portfolio® for digital asset management, Universal Type Server® for server-based font management, and Suitcase Fusion® for single-user font management. Founded in 1993, Extensis is based in Portland, Oregon, and the United Kingdom. For additional information, visit

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