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Inspiration can come from anywhere. But with so many possibilities, where do you start? In Extra Condensed, we invite creative professionals to discuss everything from typography and design to how they manage their workflow and improve collaboration. Spark your creativity, get inspired, and take your next project to new heights.

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Font Licensing Dilemmas With Greg Mitchell – E05

Font Shield CEO and licensing expert Greg Mitchell gets into the fine print of font EULAs with us. From font licensing best practices to strategies on handling Adobe’s upcoming end-of-support for PostScript Type 1 fonts, this interview provides actionable advice for all professionals working with fonts.

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Everyone Has A Relationship To Typography – E04

Communications Designer Christian Büning knows a thing or two about how the human brain perceives typeface, color, and shapes to derive meaning. In this episode, Christian chats with Extensis CEO Toby Martin and explains how his book, Circuit Training For The Eyes, offers designers a unique opportunity to (quite literally) see what they’re missing—and design that much better.

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Draplin: Finding Beauty In Limitations – E03

Acclaimed designer Aaron J Draplin discusses what the new normal means for the design community, how design can enrich the lives of others, and his approach to a productive, organized workflow in this humorous interview.

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Storytelling Through Animation – E02

Animation is a powerful tool in marketing, but it needs to really tell a story to be effective. Extensis CEO Toby Martin speaks with MarketScale Design Team Lead Marisa Harris and Illustrator/Animator Kiara Thomas to dive further into this critical topic. From incorporating the laws of physics to helping businesses harness the power of animation, this conversation will take you on a deep dive into the possibilities of marketing, design, and animation.

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What a Difference a Font Makes - E01

Your fonts can set the tone for an entire project, so choose carefully! In our first episode of Extra Condensed, Extensis CEO Toby Martin explores the role of fonts in the creative lifecycle with Jeff Boyce and Laura Lothrop of CMD Agency along with our in-house Creative Director, Kerry Gelhar. See how the right font can make your next campaign a success.

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