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Where They Started

Anarchy’s font management needs were simple: Avoid time and resource waste while consolidating fonts across multiple workstations.

AHaving worked as a freelancer and within agency setting, Aron knew exactly which font management solution would be the best fit for his new endeavor.

Their Goals

  • Ensure font compliance and consistency
  • Consolidate font access across multiple machines
  • Ensure font version control · Save time and IT resources


As a long-term user of Extensis products, Aron wanted to ensure Suitcase Fusion’s capabilities were baked into Anarchy SCD’s workflow.

Suitcase TeamSync provides the convenience and confidence of Suitcase Fusion with the added benefit of font sharing across multiple machines. This ensures proper version control, offers time savings, and avoids draining IT resources by automatically activating fonts.

Additionally, Suitcase TeamSync’s subscription model means regular updates, alongside annual pricing that makes it easier to fit into Anarchy SCD’s budget.

The Results

Today, Anarchy’s Suitcase TeamSync installation manages roughly 16,000 fonts. This solution empowers their daily workflow across the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products, utilizing Extensis integrations such as font panels and automatic activation plug-ins.

Alongside the simplicity and reassurance of using the correct font for each client or project, Aron believes Suitcase’s ability to identify corrupt fonts and font versions — through Extensis’ unique and patented FontSense ID technology — is a great time saver.

In his own words: “Knowing which font to activate and when is great! We all have far too many versions of Helvetica”.


Managing 16,000 fonts


Usage of hardware resources (CPU/Memory)


Font activation accuracy with FontSense

See Suitcase TeamSync in Action

Want to learn how Suitcase TeamSync combines the great font management capabilities of Suitcase Fusion with font sharing across teams? Let us show you.

Watch a Demo

+ Customer Testimonial

Time saved activating fonts is by far the most important benefit to using Suitcase TeamSync. Not having fonts consume resources would be a close second. In an agency environment version control and sharing would be near the top after time saving. Most other agencies I work with are just battling through manual activation or using OS-built solutions that are laborious and buggy.

- Aron Dobrowolski
Strategy | Creative | Design
Anarchy SCD

Next Steps

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