Master Font Organization with Suitcase Fusion

Laura Xu
May 6, 2019
2 min read

Is your font collection getting so overgrown and spread out that you can’t find what you’re looking for? Managing and using the thousands of fonts stored in folders across your hard drive, external drives, and cloud storage can be tedious and time-consuming. Master the art of font organization with Suitcase Fusion and refocus on your creativity and productivity.

Font Panel and Auto-Activation

A key feature of Suitcase Fusion is the Extensis Font Panel. The Font Panel lets you conveniently preview, select, and activate any of your fonts directly within Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. It is part of the powerful auto-activation plug-ins and gives you direct access to your Suitcase Fusion, system, Adobe Fonts, and Google font collections.

Font Vault: One Location for Every Font

Store all your fonts in a single location with Suitcase Fusion Font Vault. When fonts are added to Suitcase Fusion, they’re automatically checked for corruption and then stored in one convenient location. You can also archive your font vault, ensuring that all of your font data is saved and can be easily restored. Archiving is especially useful if you want to move your fonts to a new system. Gain peace of mind and have confidence that the fonts you need and want are findable and accessible when you want them.

Libraries and Sets

Many people have been acquiring fonts over a long period of time and already have an organization structure. You can drag and drop your existing folders into Suitcase Fusion, making it easy to keep your fonts organized in the same way you’ve already organized them. The Suitcase Fusion Library enables you to store and arrange fonts based on any criteria—you can organize by job, client, or document. Within your Library, you can also create sets for specific fonts to be activated automatically whenever a particular application is launched.

QuickFind, Advanced Find, Smart Searches, and QuickMatch

Suitcase Fusion has multiple ways for users to display, preview, and find fonts. QuickFind is the fastest way to locate a font in any of your libraries. By simply typing words or phrases in the QuickFind field, you’ll get matches based on font name, Postscript name, family, foundry, classification, and tags.

Suitcase Fusion also has a robust Advanced Find feature that gives you a way to locate fonts using a combination of attributes, such as name, foundry, tags, style, type, classification, and version. You can include up to six search criteria in a single Advanced Find operation.

Smart Search also lets you locate fonts based on multiple criteria, while saving that search criteria. This is great because it creates a set that dynamically updates whenever fonts are added or deleted from your library. For example, if I perform a Smart Search for Script fonts with a Bold Condensed style, every time I add a new font to my library with those specifications, that font will appear in that set. Conversely, fonts that are deleted will no longer show in that Smart Search set.

And last but not least, there’s Quick Match, which allows you to find fonts in your libraries that are visually similar to a font you’ve selected.

Document Tracking

Find, manage, and see fonts used in past projects to leverage work already done. Suitcase Fusion includes Document Tracking, a feature that allows you to see what fonts are used in a document. You can also see all the documents that a specific font has been used in.


Laura XuLaura Xu – Email and Event Marketing Manager

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