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Master Font Organization with Suitcase Fusion

Is your font collection getting out of hand? When your fonts are scattered across hard drives, external drives, and cloud storage, finding the right ones can be worse than looking for a needle in a haystack. And when you’re under a deadline for your next big project, font organization is the last thing you want to worry about.

Suitcase Fusion takes care of your fonts so you can focus on what matters most. Here’s how Suitcase Fusion makes font management a snap.

Font Software that Plays Well with Others

Forget about guesswork and searches that lead you down a rabbit hole. Suitcase Fusion makes it easy to preview and activate exactly the right fonts every single time. It doesn’t matter if you’re working in Adobe Creative Cloud apps, Affinity, or Sketch. Add all your fonts to Suitcase Fusion and activate them with a few clicks. When you open your favorite design applications all your fonts will be available for your projects right away.

And we’re serious when we say all your fonts. Suitcase Fusion simplifies font organization for Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts, system fonts, and purchased font collections. Access all your fonts without interrupting your workflow.

Simple and Speedy Font Organization

Moving your fonts to a new system? Archiving and restoring your fonts is straightforward with this cloud-based font software. Arrange fonts with a few clicks and then reload them on a new machine in minutes. Your time is precious, and this solution lets you make the most of it.

Now you can create with confidence and leave the font organization to Suitcase Fusion.

Libraries and Sets to Organize Your Font Collection

If you’re like most designers, you’ve been gathering fonts over a long period of time. You probably have a shortlist of favorites as well as fonts that have been popular with your clients. And no matter how you prefer to manage your fonts speed, search, and ease of use are probably at the top of your list. 

We got you. That’s why we built Suitcase Fusion to adapt to your needs. Drag and drop your existing font folders into Suitcase Fusion and organize your font collection like you’re already doing. Once you add fonts to this platform, you can sort based on any criteria including job, client, or document.

You can also create sets of fonts that will activate once you launch an Adobe CC app or other design tools. This way you can focus on your work instead of looking for the right fonts. Because it all comes back to one fundamental goal: we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the fonts you need.

Make Font Frustration Disappear

If you have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of fonts, you know organizing them is only one part of the equation. Because once you sort your fonts you, need a way to find the right ones for every project. And the faster the better.

Within Suitcase Fusion you have multiple ways to display, preview, and find the right fonts.

  • Type words or phrases in the QuickFind field to get matches based on font name, name, family, foundry, classification, and tags.
  • What if you don’t know the name of the font you need? What if you remember what it looks like, but nothing else? Suitcase Fusion lets you locate fonts using a combination of attributes like name, foundry, tags, style, type, classification, and version. Start with a guess and be certain in just a few clicks.
  • Once you find a group of fonts that satisfy your search criteria, you can save that search and it will automatically update as you add new fonts over time. For example, let’s say you search for Script fonts with a Bold Condensed style. Every time you add a font that meets these criteria it will automatically be included in the set.
  • Finally, QuickMatch lets you find fonts that are visually similar to a font you’ve already selected. But what if a client comes back to you and says a font is “close, but not quite?” With you can find alternatives fast.

The Highest Compliment You Can Pay a Font Manager App? Go ahead. Take all the credit. You’ve earned it.




Document Tracking

Suitcase Fusion is far more than a font manager. Of course, you can organize your fonts just the way you like and find any font you need in a few seconds. But Suitcase Fusion also gives you a way to build on your past successes so you can create better work for your clients.

With Document Tracking you can see which fonts appeared in all of your earlier projects. This is the best way to preserve brand consistency or make an informed decision about a new direction. The system also works in reverse: pick any font, and you can pull up a list of every document where that font can be found. Streamline your workflow and make ambiguity a thing of the past.

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