Inquiring Minds Want to Know What’s New at Extensis

Laura Xu
November 27, 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended our What’s New webinar on November 8. If you missed it, you can view the recording below. We were very excited to get a lot of questions but sadly ran of time to answer them all.


Here are answers to the top eight questions we received:

Does the SquishPic application come with Portfolio or is that a separate cost?

SquishPic is a separate application and can be downloaded for free to view JPG, TIF, and MrSID files. You can also try using SquishPic’s powerful image compression capabilities free for 15-days. If you like what you see, you can easily purchase an Extensis Compression Plan and activate watermark-free image compression in SquishPic. All of this can be used independent of Portfolio. Download SquishPic for free here!

Portfolio also includes the same image compression technology so you can compress any of your high resolution images to SID files and decompress SID files to other file formats. Of course with Portfolio, you have the additional benefits of having one central place for easily organizing, managing, finding, and sharing all of your digital assets. The two applications work well together. If you create a SID file in Portfolio and want to share it with someone who does not have Portfolio, they can open it using SquishPic for free.

Are there other applications that recognize SID files?

Extensis has several options for viewing SID files. Depending on what type of high resolution imagery you are working with, here’s what we recommend:

How do we get the new Portfolio? Is it an upgrade? Who is our license administrator?

As part of the Extensis Maintenance Program, all Extensis Portfolio customers who have a current Annual Service Agreement get this update for free. If you purchase a new license of Portfolio, all of the capabilities that were showcased during the webinar will be included with your purchase. To learn more about what’s new in Portfolio, check out our blog post on the topic.

Your License Administrator is the person who was listed as your primary contact when you purchased Portfolio.

Can you export a complete list of keywords used from Portfolio?

Yes. You can find instructions on how to do so here.

In Portfolio, can you move assets from one catalog to another?

Yes. Here’s how:

  1. Select the folder or gallery that the assets you want to move are in.
  2. Right click and select Copy/Move/Export Contents, then use the pop-up dialogue box to move your assets to another catalog.

When will Universal Type Server be completely 64-bit compatible?

The Server portion of Universal Type Server is already fully 64-bit compatible and the team is currently working on migrating client applications to be compatible as well. We expect that to be completed in the next couple of months.

How is Universal Type Server different than Suitcase TeamSync and Suitcase Fusion?

Universal Type Server is an on-premise based client/server solution for centralized Font Management. It’s built for small to large enterprises who need to organize, distribute, acquire, and maintain compliance for their font collections across the entire organization.

Suitcase TeamSync is an online Cloud-based solution where fonts are stored in a de-centralized server and available wherever you may login from. Suitcase TeamSync is designed for small teams who collaborate and require sharing font files.

Suitcase Fusion is designed for font users managing individual font collections.

Adobe Typekit just turned into Adobe Fonts. What does that mean? And what is the relationship between Extensis Universal Type Server to Adobe Fonts?

Adobe has publicly stated at the Adobe MAX Conference they are re-branding Typekit Fonts so it’s associated as an internal part of their Creative Cloud (CC) ecosystem.

Just like Adobe Stock is for acquiring visual assets, Adobe Fonts is the integrated CC service for offering free and paid font purchases.

Extensis does not sell fonts. We are agnostic about them and our mission is to ensure customers can organize, locate, distribute, and govern their vast font collections across their organizations.

Extensis has been a long-standing partner of Adobe and supports Adobe Fonts collections synchronized through Creative Cloud.

Be sure to sign up for our future webinars and events. You can find the latest information on our events page. The What’s New webinar is held quarterly and gives us the opportunity to connect with you and answer your questions directly. Hope you can join us next time.


Laura XuLaura Xu – Email and Event Marketing Manager

Laura Xu is a seasoned content marketer and event manager at Extensis with a passion for crafting digital communications. Laura’s marketing career spans over a decade working in financial and professional services in San Francisco, Hong Kong and London. Whether it’s through a product launch email, event email invitation, or an engaging webinar, Laura knows the power of connecting through technology. After living in sprawling cities with more skyscrapers than trees, Laura is now relishing being back home in Portland, Oregon surrounded by lush green trees and accessible parks. She loves hiking, yoga, meditation, photography, and reading.