Activate your Fonts in Any Application

Amy Chan
February 5, 2019

Want your fonts to activate when you’re using applications such as QuarkXpress, CorelDRAW, Sketch, Affinity Designer, Microsoft Word or virtually any software program where you need access to your font collection?

By creating Application Sets in Suitcase Fusion, you can temporarily activate a set of fonts when the program you’ve specified is opened. This will ensure that fonts you are using in documents you’ve created with those programs will work the way you need and expect them to.

You can create Application Sets in both the Mac and Windows versions of Suitcase Fusion.

How to Create an Application Set:

  1. Have the software program already installed and available in your Applications or Programs Folder
  2. Launch Suitcase Fusion
  3. Select the library for which you want to create an Application Set
  4. Go to File > Create Application Set
  5. Go to File > Sychronize Fonts
  6. Choose the software program and select Create
  7. Start dragging fonts into the Application Set
  8. Launch the software program
  9. You'll see the fonts from your Application Set under the programs, font or type menu.

Now, your selected fonts will activate as soon as you launch the software application and allow you to select those fonts while the application is in use.


NOTE: You should not use Application Sets for applications that have an auto-activation plug-in. The plug-in uses Extensis Font Sense technology to ensure that the precise font used in a document will be activated, whereas the Application Set cannot override a font with the same name that is already active.



Amy Chan – Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Amy Chan is a tenured marketing leader with more than two decades developing brands, campaigns, and go to market strategies for a diverse spectrum of technology solutions. In her current role at Extensis, Amy leads the marketing initiatives for the company’s Digital Asset, Font, and Image Management lines of business. These solutions are used by creative teams and agencies across the globe, giving her an acute view into creative workflows, the challenges and needs of this community, and the important role technology can play in making productivity a competitive advantage. In her free time, Amy dabbles in travel, landscape, and food photography. She does also venture outside to garden and for casual bikes rides and event-hopping around the city.