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A Cloud-Based Solution for Your Font Collaboration Needs

April 10, 2020

Every graphic designer knows the importance of an organized, streamlined workflow. The creative process can become chaotic without structure, which is why many designers choose Extensis font management software to stay organized, consistent, and efficient.

Managing your own workload is an art in and of itself, but as every creative knows, collaboration is a whole other ballpark. When designers need to collaborate with other designers on projects, font sharing is an integral part of the process. Suitcase TeamSync combines the full utility of Suitcase Fusion with cloud-based font sharing for your team. What does this mean for creative collaboration? Let’s dive in.

Who can benefit from font sharing

Creative agencies and marketing departments will find real value in a strong font collaboration tool. As multiple graphic designers and other teammates send work back and forth for feedback and revision, it’s imperative for everyone to have the right fonts at the right time.

Suitcase TeamSync makes it easy to share fonts with both internal colleagues and external freelancers alike. This scalable font management tool grows with your team. Whether you need to connect a couple of remote designers or creative teams around the world, Suitcase TeamSync makes font collaboration easy and effective.

Digital storage for creative collaboration

Like other digital assets, fonts should be stored securely. A local server may seem like a good idea, but there’s always the chance that it can crash. For creative workflows, losing access to assets can delay projects by hours or days. If font files are damaged or lost in the process, this can cause even greater issues down the road.

Cloud-based font sharing ensures that your fonts are available from any location, at any time. Suitcase TeamSync gives your team the tools they need to stay productive. So much of your team’s creative toolkit is digital — from design tools to communication methods. Suitcase TeamSync brings the same efficiencies to font sharing.

Getting started with font collaboration

Suitcase TeamSync is incredibly easy to implement. There’s no need for IT support or any special hardware. No single person has to be responsible for installing or uninstalling fonts on each person’s computer manually. And there’s no limit to how many fonts you can store in the cloud.

When you subscribe to Suitcase TeamSync, everyone on your team will get Suitcase Fusion — an intuitive font management tool that helps individuals organize their fonts, save time, and improve consistency. On top of that, they can easily share fonts with each other as needed. It’s a great way to improve collaboration and streamline communication. You can ensure everyone on your team has access to the right fonts for all your projects, all the time.  

This font sharing tool supports all types of teams. Your team might be onsite or remote, full-time employees or freelance designers, or even a complex blend. Font collaboration lets your team be more consistent and collaborative — so you can focus on creating your best work yet.

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