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Files are only assets if they can be found.

Searching through thousands or millions of rich media files can take a long time and provide poor results (if any). Sharing those images, videos, and documents with other people, or converting them into other formats, is often a full time job.


Digital Asset Management to the rescue!

Digital asset management software solves the problem of managing large collections of files by making file collections searchable and usable. DAM provides tools for finding, organizing, and converting large collections of rich media files.

At Extensis, we were doing this before DAM was even called DAM, and we’ve learned a lot. We’d like to put that knowledge to use and help you too.



Portfolio Server

Dramatically change your organizational efficiency with a simple, innovative solution for managing digital assets. Find out why we think Portfolio Server is the best digital asset management software out there.

Organize My Company



The Trusted Digital Asset Management Solution

Portfolio Server is used by used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies.

Digital Asset Management/Portfolio Server Customers